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Facebook Takes Action On 19.2 million Posts of Violence Using AI

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Facebook AI researchers have leveraged advancing technologies and Machine Learning to develop a system with a level of intelligence on par with humans. AI enables and equips Facebook with various tools, including interactive chat modules, chatbots, polls, surveys, and more.

For decades now, we have seen Facebook grow and prosper. It is not just a mere site for people to socialize. It is one of the most important social media and marketing tools. How? Facebook has infused its interface with tools of artificial intelligence and is successfully servicing customers in that domain. It is considered to be an excellent platform for businesses to seek long term relationships.

Let us see how.

How is AI transforming social media?

In the world, there are always two main points in any business evolution. Either you are a disruptor or a differentiator. AI helps you to be both. AI is tactically disrupting our workspaces and the technologies that are coupling with small to large businesses have the edge over one another by making them different.

Many experts like Elon Musk believe that AI coming in will make workplaces globally smarter and data-centric, as opposed to hypotheses and personal biases, which is beneficial. Why? AI not only automates; it analyses and has problem-solving algorithms, which are far beyond human capability. Decision-making basis just data is enabled AI effectively.

Global organizations have seen a significant shift in the intelligence paradigm with AI coming in. When there is a problem, it needs data-based discussions. This approach is more profitable and yields better substance-based results. After all, playing guessing games while solving issues is not a wise move.

If you haven't already used the advantages of social media marketing through AI, you must. Let us look at some ways you can do this.


Copywriting becomes excessively comfortable with auto-generated hashtags and wordings for your captions and photos. There may be a day where AI will overtake human intelligence and will be able to launch a user's post start to finish.


The more AI has gained momentum, the more video blogging has also come to the fore even more. Dynamic videos and video blogs have been ruling the internet and Facebook for a long time now. These vlogs are the new social media marketing tool used by almost everyone who wants to promote their product online.

Easier Decisions

Speed to business means everything. Crucial decision making depends on an array of factors which affect it. The budgets, associated marketing collaterals, essential updates, and Facebook stories all add up and contribute to making a company successful. Statistically, we have seen users that see a company addressing social issues feel more connected to them.

Global Outreach

Facebook is a worldwide platform and allows you to advertise your product worldwide. It is not limited to regions, or people and is very inclusive in its approach. Social media marketing on Instagram and Facebook can be done through assistant translators to break language barriers wherever needed.

Facebook AI Automatic Translation System

Automatic language translation is significant to Facebook. Facebook has a global approach wherein people can come and sell their products online. To do so, they have to keep one big thing in mind: people worldwide do not speak just one language. They come from different sects of society and varied geographies around the world.

To combat this problem in the best way possible, Facebook took the AI approach. They now use a machine translation system that translates the written text in another user's language. MT has a pool of over 6500 languages at its disposal. MT does a word-by-word translation of books making the user understand reasonably quickly as to what is written. It understands and does word embeddings to sentence fragmentations at the click of a button.


Remarkably fast and advanced, the AI automatic translation tool is one of the best takeaways of Facebook. Businesses worldwide have flourished under their care, and it continues to give good results to the user. See the below image.


Facebook Unveils AI Model That Translates 100 Languages Without Relying On English

Facebook artificial intelligence launched the First ever multilingual machine translation (MMT) model called M2M-100 which can translate from one language to another without relying on English data.

This previous model used to use the English language as a reference for translating from one language to another since a huge amount of English data is already available.


M2M-100 will translate one language to another directly and hence preserve the meaning better.


Let’s look at some prominent features of M2M-100: 

M2M-100 has been trained in 2200 language directions which is 10 times more than English-centric multilingual models.

This translation model is Open-source

According to the BLEU metric, it outperformed the English-Centric system by 10 points.

Facebook powers an average of 20 billion translations on its News Feed and works on “many to many” data sets with more than 15 billion parameters.

This revolution in MMT will help in breaking the language barrier. It also helps provide dependable translation with good accuracy, which is necessary to keep people safe from harmful content, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

AI Detecting Bad Content or Spam

Artificial intelligence is adversely affecting people's career and is a frequent bone of contention amongst industry experts. It is valid for some essential professions but is a myth. Artificial intelligence is creating more jobs than you think. Let us discuss some scenarios and careers where AI has opened a vast scope for many situations.

One of the most important, given the way Facebook's platform was exploited during the 2016 presidential election, is to identify and shut down–fake accounts. According to Rosen, the company utilizes and leverages the power of AI for the identification and blocking of millions of accounts like these every day, generally at the initial creation stage. Before, the people behind them can use them for any harm. And last month, Rosen adds, the company deployed a new AI technique that has been hunting for fake accounts tied to various financial scams. He says the AI systems have already taken down more than half a million scam accounts.

Not only this but also Facebook is working on hate speech conveyed through images or videos and the rest via texts.

Adding further, to identify memes featuring hate speech, they are working to take AI to the next level so it can understand images and text together. Even a tweet by Jerome Pesenti, head of Facebook AI, says that it is their top priority to build such a system.


Source - https://twitter.com/an_open_mind/status/1329516599125159936

Facebook, AI & Hate Speech

According to a recent tweet by Guy Rosen, VP of Integrity at Facebook, Facebook can detect about 95% of hate speech posted on their social media.


In the 3rd quarter of 2020, Facebook took action on;

  • more than 22.1 million hate speech posts after identifying them which is around 95% of proactively identified.
  • approx. 19.2 million posts of violence as well as graphic content.
  • 12.4 million posts related to child nudity and sexual exploitation. 
  • bullying and harassment content which is around 3.5 million posts.

Source - https://about.fb.com/news/2020/11/measuring-progress-combating-hate-speech/

We all agree with the fact that hate speech is not only the biggest enemy of mankind but also several other things which are discussed here. In this regard, they are working on a deepfake detection tool which can easily learn and adapt changes by their own over the time period.

The Impact of AI on Facebook Marketing and Advertising

Many jobs have a significant number of manual inputs that are required to be given. The issues with any manual information are the same – the factor of human error. When people work on a particular task, the probability of them committing a mistake is significant. Sometimes those errors or miscalculations may result in a huge business loss in the case of some professions. 

AI helps organizations make their most transactional processes automated to save on the cost, time, and effort of an individual who can do something better with his or her time.


We live in a world so autonomous that it isn't too far-fetched to think that the machines will take over the world very soon - right from Alexa and Siri, which serve as virtual assistants to even an uncrewed vehicle driving us around. Facebook integrating with AI is a big milestone in the field of marketing, advertising, and preventing cyberbullying.

The algorithm combining AI and Facebook is also effective in detecting spam or irrelevant content. Not to mention, combining these powers with translation, Facebook, and AI helps make the platform more valuable for people from all over the world.

In this Internet world, people are misusing social media platforms to spread hate in several ways like images, codes, texts and more which is quite hard to tackle Facebook and other social media to tackle them. In this regard, with the help of AI or artificial intelligence, Facebook is overcoming these spammy or hate speeches. Not only this but also, AI is helping to connect the people from one another via removing communication barriers.

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