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Exploring the WooCommerce FedEx Ground Shipment Service

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FedEx Ground

When it comes to the order shipment, FedEx proves to be a great choice for both online and offline businesses. They are fast, reliable and offer a tad cheaper shipping rates when compared to other shipping services. FedEx Ground shipment service is one of their most famous and widely used services. This FedEx delivery service transports the shipments on or before the specified date and time, which is a plus point. Moreover, nowadays many store owners are using this service in order to reach more and more consumers across the US.

If you are a WooCommerce store owner our WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin will help you to offer the FedEx ground service to your customers. This will help you target more customers because of the popularity and quality of this service. In this article, we will see some of the real-life business cases and find out how this plugin performs. So, without any further delay let’s look right into it.

What is FedEx Ground service?

FedEx Ground is one of the shipment services offered by FedEx for the deliveries of shipments that are commercial. Meaning, this service is chosen by some sort of businesses in order to deliver the products to either their customers or other companies. This service does not cover residential addresses. Another interesting fact about this FedEx shipment service is that it only delivers during the business working days, i.e, Monday to Friday. Moreover, many business and store owners from US, use the FedEx International Ground service to deliver their shipments to Canada.

One real-life scenario

James is one of our customers now. But before he started using our WooCommerce FedEx plugin, he was a little skeptical about its functionalities and how it was going to help him. You see, he is the owner of a small and successful WooCommerce store that deals with pottery. He makes his own pottery items and ships them to other big stores across the country. Furthermore, he wanted to offer only FedEx Ground as the shipping service to his customers. This is because of the fact that it offers cheaper rates and the delivery people paid extra attention/care to his packages.But soon, he was tired of separately contacting FedEx to offer the FedEx Ground service for each and every order. And because of this reason, he used to deliver his packages to the customers a little later than expected. Eventually, one day he found that our plugin offers this shipment service and he can have the choice to offer it to his customers. He was also able to use the FedEx pickup service for his convenience. By using this service, FedEx delivery agents can come to his store, pack the items and take the packages for the further delivery process.

Now, let us check out how this plugin can help him in this case.

FedEx Ground in the WooCommerce FedEx plugin

Once you have set up this plugin in your WooCommerce store, it is very easy to use it. You just need to go to the Dashboard of your WooCommerce and open the settings option. Here, you can find the FedEx Ground in the FedEx settings page. It would look something like in the following image.


FedEx Services

As you can see, the FedEx Ground service is offered along with other shipment services as well. If you just want to offer the FedEx Ground to your customer, then you can uncheck all the other services except the Ground one. After doing this, you would have to scroll down the page and save the changes that you have made.

The FedEx Ground service can be enabled for the residential addresses as well. You can force the delivery of your products to the customer’s residential by enabling an option in the FedEx shipping plugin.


Residential Delivery for FedEx Ground

As soon as you go to the FedEx settings page, you can scroll down and see the option saying Residential Delivery. In the image above, you can click on the tick option as pointed by the red arrow. After doing this, you have to go down the page and save the changes that you have made.

Now, that you have selected this service, you can go ahead and order an item from your store. You can do this in the test mode.


Cart page

Imagine a customer wants to order these two items from your store. If you have successfully enabled the FedEx Ground service, then they should see that option in the checkout page. It would look something like in the following image.

You can disable the other shipping options except for the FedEx Ground. For that, you have to go to the Shipping settings page in the WooCommerce setting page. You can even refer the following image given below.


Editing Shipping zones for FedEx ground

Just go to this page and click on the Edit option under the shipping zone (US). You can further disable the Flat rate and Free shipping options. And as a result of doing so, you will be offering only the FedEx Ground option to your customer.

If you have successfully done the above steps, then the WooCommerce cart would look something like this.


WooCommerce cart page for FedEx Shipping

FedEx Ground Service Map

Another amazing feature of using FedEx for the shipment of your packages is the service map. This is a virtual map that will help you get an estimate of the delivery time and the day of arrival of your packages to your customer. This map can prove to be very useful in many cases. Let us have a look.


FedEx Ground Service Map

If you go to this website( official FedEx website), you can get a visual idea of the transit time. Here is the image, if you enter the pin code of New York and set the country to US, you can see the various time regions. These regions display the time taken by FedEx in order to deliver your packages to the various states. In the bottom of the map, you can see the different colors that represent transit days. Ohio, for example, will take approx 2 days for the delivery.

In conclusion…

FedEx Ground is quite popular among many businesses in US and the WooCommerce FedEx plugin brings this service a lot closer to the store owners. There are many other useful features that can be beneficial for your business in many ways.

This article was a step ahead in giving you some insights into the FedEx Ground feature in the plugin. And we hope that it was helpful to you in some way. Let us know how you feel about this article in the comments section below.

Originally published at www.xadapter.com on November 7, 2017.

This article was written by Devesh Rajarshi

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