Exploring the Future of Finance in 2022by@Limarc
24,354 reads

Exploring the Future of Finance in 2022

June 4th 2022
by @Limarc 24,354 reads
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Bricktrade is a real estate tokenization platform, delivering fractional investments and property ownership by accepting crypto and fiat. Our mission is to revolutionise property finance and investing. Bricktrade is a property tokenisation platform, that utilises the power of the crowd to raise construction finance for property developers. Investors will also have the opportunity to buy fractional parts of the finished units from the developer once they have been built. They can then choose to rent or sell the unit, which we can manage all in house. I have been working and owned a real estate agency in the Docklands, London (uk), a premium real estate agent located in London’s Docklands - http://www.waterfronts.co.uk for more than 15 years. My experience in the sector is real estate sales, lettings, asset management, redevelopment projects, property investment, fundraising and managing relations with housing authorities. My co-founder for both Waterfronts & Bricktrade is Mandeep Kang, also my wife over this time; She has in-depth knowledge of property, finance & mortgages for over 15 years with institutions and banks, residential and commercial mortgages, underwriting and funding.

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