Explaining Amazon RDS Through Comicsby@pratik7
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Explaining Amazon RDS Through Comics

by Pratik GosawiFebruary 10th, 2021
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Amazon RDS is the SQL Database service provided by AWS. In this blog post, learn about Amazon RDS and its feature through a comic explanation

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Hi Guys, I’m back with another comic tutorial on AWS cloud service, and this time I’m going to cover Amazon RDS.

Do you need a relational database like MySQL or PostgreSQL?

Then, I would suggest you go for Amazon RDS – Relational Database Service.

Basically, RDS is your relational database alternative on cloud.

But what are the actual benefits and why should you go for it?

Find out everything about RDS in the below fun comic.

So I hope now you understand more about Amazon RDS and its features.

If you want to read more comic tutorials on some specific cloud services then let me know in the comments.

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