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Web3 Wallet with Ethnamed Protocol

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Emails instead of hex-addresses and web3 interface for all cryptocurrencies

We’re glad to announce the deployment of open-sourced Ethnamed, which includes a wallet plugin for Chrome, a protocol for storing data on blockchain, and a set of smart contracts to govern interaction between the parties, in Ethereum mainnet. It is exciting to get proof-of-concept for Ethnamed and we’ve already got positive feedback on the project’s Producthunt page. Now Ethnamed is undergoing beta-testing stage before delivering more of what’s planned for Ethnamed.
One of our primary goals is to create a universal payment solution with an option to send funds knowing only the sender’s email or nickname. To some extent we fused the basic principles of Metamask ETH-wallet and Ethereum Name Service DNS, and extended the whole idea to using emails and nicknames to eliminate the need to use complex HEX-addresses. For example, a regular Ethereum address looks like this: 0x89205A3A3b2A69De6Dbf7f01ED13B2108B2c43e7, and the majority of crypto wallets work with such. Unsurprisingly, such addresses are easy to misspell and hard to memorize, unlike simple nicknames or an email like [email protected]. Besides, Ethnamed allows users to link several wallets of different blockchain networks to one email or nickname.
Integration with website
Ethnamed’s another substantial feature is the planned system for adding new cryptocurrency to the existing portfolio in your wallet. Right now, in order to interact with a cryptocurrency one would have to download and get familiar with a specific wallet software designed for the crypto in question. With Ethnamed we’re establishing an open repository for the pieces of code required to work with certain cryptocurrencies. We’ve implemented automatic invoice creation by integrating a web page with WEB3T interface similar to the system Metamask uses for ETH.
WEB3T — like a web3 for Ethereum but for ALL cryptocurrencies
Javascript Examples:
web3t.btc.sendTransaction({to: …, value: …}, cb);
web3t.eth.sendTransaction({to: …, value: …}, cb);
web3t.[ANYCOIN].sendTransaction({to: …, value: …}, cb);
Thus, anyone can add their desired cryptocurrencies into open source libraryWEB3T via simple pull request on our Github.
In the process of creating the repository, the team from advance.fund will actively participate. They see their mission as developing the blockchain technology, conducting several projects of their own and willingly giving their experience and resources for collaborations.
The result ofweb3.dash.sendTransaction(…)
We’ve also got big plans as to the future Ethnamed development. The roadmap includes the implementation of the technical means of integrating our wallet with exchanges (fiat -> crypto, crypto -> fiat); atomic swaps for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and others; desktop version and mobile apps for iOS and Android; Firefox plugin; and open-source repository for cryptocurrency standardization and integration.
Please, share your feedback to help us build a better product and realize Ethnamed’s potential to drive mass adoption of crypto and blockchain tech worldwide.
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