Etherium is Not “a Commodity”, and Bitcoin isn't “Digital Gold”

When new game changing technology comes to market and people and institutions are hostile to it, you don’t cave in to their fear.

You don’t allow those hostile people to write laws to outlaw something or even regulate it, “because”.

If the people building the original browser thought this way, or the people writing Apache, all websites would be licensed today.

The people and institutions who are frightened by Bitcoin are not just regulators and government. Its the Crony Capitalists who smell death.

The Crony Capitalists do not want Bitcoin to exist. They will do anything to kill it, just like the MPAA RIAA wants to kill BitTorrent.

Just like the RIAA and the MPAA, the Crony Capitalists will fail to stop Bitcoin. They do not understand this, because they can’t understand.

They fail to grasp what data is, and what it has already done to the way things are done on the entire earth. They are terrified.

They are terrified of a world where the illusion of control is removed. They are terrified of being removed from the centre.

No matter what they do, no matter what they say, no matter what they want, they will never control Bitcoin. Ever. In a million years.

Once the killer app emerges, and the loop is closed, there is nothing anyone can do to stop Bitcoin. It will then be musical chairs.

Furthermore, America is not the centre of the universe. No group from one country has the right to dominate the entire Bitcoin network.

They don’t get to set the rules, define the specification, mandate changes, or compliance, or what the law should be globally.

The perception, definition, expectations and specification of Bitcoin is not the preserve of a single company or man.

The corruption of the Bitcoin network will not be allowed to stand. To those who think otherwise, your goose is cooked, stick a fork in it.

The gentle, reasonable sounding, dulcit tones of, “Don’t worry, this wont hurt at all” are instantly recognizable by anyone who is awake.

No one with two brain cells buys the “light touch regulation” lie. We know its a Trojan Horse, the thin end of the wedge and stepping stone.

If you want to have a regulated “Crypto Currency” of your own, download the Bitcoin source and launch it. Use your reputation to boost it.

You cannot take what does not belong to you, and force the entire globe to kow tow to your paranoia, lunacy, Crony Capitalism and evil.

These words are not unreasonable. What is unreasonable is thinking that you can control the future of billions of people, “because”.

Thankfully, the people who make the world what it is, the software developers, will not let this affront to decency pass.

Whether or not they are for Liberty, the distributed model is the most powerful and secure. This locks out the Statists by default.

The distributed exchanges, unregulated Bitcoin Wallets (yes, this is what they are trying to create; a class of software that is illegal)…

and other new tools will be beyond the reach of any group of Statists, Crony Capitalist running dogs, bed wetters and anti human destroyers.

It is completely outrageous and utterly irrational that people think they have the right to control software developers. They don’t.

I look forward to watching the negation of the influence of these puffed up people as Bitcoin spreads and resists their contamination.

Remember; all it takes is one developer to say “no”, for all their plans to be completely destroyed. RIAA/MPAA are the real world examples.

Bram Cohen, a single developer, has forever destroyed the business model of the entertainment industry as far as packaged discs go.

Bitcoin is no different to BitTorrent. It does not need explaining or “representation” for it to change everything. It just is. That’s it.

These wrong headed, behind the curve men will not even slow the adoption of Bitcoin. Even with the software we have today its too late.

There are 1,175,450,000 Android phones in the wild. 350,000 activated every day. When they all come with Bitcoin wallets pre-installed: GAME OVER

No single group of men can, or has the right to set the agenda for 1,175,450,000 Android Bitcoin users …

Innovation does not mean running to the State to get permission to invent new things or start new ventures.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; none of these companies went to the State to “explain” what they are doing, they just DID IT.

Bitcoin is no different to Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Hotmail. You may not understand this re Bitcoin, and now, it doesn’t matter.

You can’t stop software. You can’t stop free speech. You can’t stop people developing and sharing. Your world of fear and cowardice is FINISHED

Your ideas of what is reasonable are not at all reasonable; they are absurd, violent, harmful and irrational. This is the plain truth.

Some might say that it is us that is not reasonable. Maybe so, but it is not us that is applying to use violence to force our ideas on others.

This is the fundamental difference between Statists and free men; free men do not want to force others to obey them. They are non violent.

The regulationistsas are the violent men, who want to control others, “because”. It is absolutely unethical, and this time, will 100% FAIL.

The regulationistas will falsely claim that widespread adoption will not happen without their corrupting touch. This is a lie.

Every other large internet service, Facebook, Twitter, email, spread without begging to the State in advance to “regulate” it.

Be ready for the lies, mealy mouth doubletalk, fallacious arguments, nonsense and pure BS that they will use to sell their false world view.

It’ll come thick and fast. They’ll use PR to cause hundreds of articles to be written to disseminate their viewpoint. They will still fail.

All the anti “piracy” campaigns, trailers, articles and laws in the world have not and cannot stop piracy. MPAA/RIAA failed miserably.

No amount of money on propaganda can stop Bitcoin’s spread. And the incentive to spread it is exponentially more powerful than moviez.

The world has changed. Bitcoin’s existence is proof of this if you even needed it after BitTiorrent. Your lies won’t work any more, Statists.

Still true today. Rump steak, fries, merlot, double espresso, cheesecake

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