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Ertha is the Metaverse You've Been Waiting Forโ€‚by@ertha

Ertha is the Metaverse You've Been Waiting For

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A blockchain based MMO world simulation featuring social, economic and political mechanics with land ownership via NFTs.

Almost thirty years ago, Neal Stephenson wrote of an eventual successor to the internet in his sci-fi novel Snow Crash. In it, he described a vast virtual world where people used avatars to connect with one another and explore the environment. And in the book, people flocked to it to escape the dystopian real world.

He called it the Metaverse.

It's the exact idea that Mark Zuckerberg just tried to co-opt with his recent rebranding of Facebook to Meta, and the company's pivot to a fusion of VR, AR, and internet-connected experiences. But we here at Ertha have already beat him to it. And we want our metaverse participants to improve on a dystopian world, not flee one.

And to do it, we're creating a metaverse that invites participants to buy land in the form of unique NFTs, and then manage it as they would their own nation. It's a world-simulation MMO like nothing that's come before it. But it's not just fun and games. Participants' efforts produce income in the form of our platform's ERT token. So the better they are at solving the metaverse's problems, the more real-world money they can earn. Here's how it works.

Welcome to Ertha

The world inside our metaverse is like the Earth. It has the continents and landmasses everyone's familiar with, but with one critical difference โ€“ society as we know it has all but broken down. Battered by the effects of climate change; floods, fires, and droughts have driven Ertha's population to compete for whatever resources remain.

Participants have the power to change things for the better, however. They get to assume the role of a businessman, scholar, or fighter and hone their craft through study and in-game events. Their efforts have a direct effect on the nation they call home, as well as on the company their character works for. Scholars, for example, improve their nation's technology level. Businessmen drive the in-game economy. And fighters are all that stand between each nation and the threat of a hostile takeover by its neighbors.

As participants play, their efforts result in an escalating number of transactions taking place within their nation. And whoever owns the land those transactions take place on gets a cut of every one of them. Players don't have to own land, though. They can work for a salary in the game. Or they can make a living through less honorable means. And if they work hard enough, they can buy their own piece of Ertha.

Purchasing NFT HEXs

The world in our metaverse is divided into 350,000 land plots, ownership of which is connected to unique NFTs we call HEXs. Each HEX entitles its owner to complete control over their land within the metaverse. Owners can have a say in everything from travel fees to taxes on the transactions happening in their territory. And just like in the real world, that allows HEX owners to profit on their real estate investment.

We've already launched a limited private sale of a portion of the HEXs, and demand so far is stronger than even we anticipated. In just days, sale participants bought over 2,000 HEXs spread across the USA, Spain, The Philippines, and Vietnam. Demand was so high that we've already had to halt HEX sales in those regions to allow others to buy once the private sale ends. And that's about to happen.

Within this month, we'll be launching our platform's marketplace, opening HEX sales to the general public. Soon, anyone who wants to own their own piece of our metaverse can do so โ€“ with no restrictions. That means they'll be able to choose a HEX in whichever part of the world they choose. And then they can begin the long hard road to building an empire.

Additions to Come

So far, the response we've seen to our metaverse has exceeded all expectations. But from our perspective, the best is yet to come. That's because although we've already built the metaverse's core mechanics, there's plenty of work left to do before our metaverse reaches the public beta stage around six months from now.

First, we're working on completing the blockchain integration with the game and building out the game world using the 3D Unity game engine. And we're also hard at work on a variety of new features that will bring our metaverse even closer to the full-fledged reality we imagined it to be.

We're going to introduce the possibility of wars between territories, as well as the ability for players to set up smuggling routes between nations. And we're also building out a governance system that will include parliamentary systems, political parties, and voting. That will allow every player to have a say in how their chosen nation operates.

And those are just the beginning. Soon we'll begin work on the multiplayer fight module, which will allow combat between the metaverse's inhabitants once the game is live. And from that point, it'll start getting harder to tell where the game ends and the real world begins. And that's just what we hoped to achieve from the beginning.

So if you want to experience the metaverse and begin to build your future within it, now's the time to get started. All you have to do is join us and the countless others who've already staked a claim in the world of Ertha. And because our metaverse will offer a seamless blend of play-to-learn and play-to-earn mechanics, you'll earn plenty of money for your troubles. So look forward to the launch of our public marketplace so you can buy your piece of Ertha. There's a whole new world waiting for you there, and you're going to love it.

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