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February 9th 2017
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There is no shortage of new content. Millions of new blog posts are written every day. It’s important that we stay informed for our career, growth and general awareness. We’re all familiar with Newsletters. Newsletters are mini publications, curated by experts and enthusiasts on a focused topic. I like Newsletters, and it’s how I keep up with topics that matter to me.

I’m already subscribed to several high-quality tech, startups focused Newsletters. You can check out my profile on Nucleus. I have a couple of good engineering sources like Hacker News, Reddit. But I wanted to expand my knowledge beyond that. So, I started digging the web for some engineering focused Newsletters. After, spending 2 hours online, I came across a couple of guides that looked promising. One of them is This is a good master list but feels overwhelming.

After couple of hours of further digging the web, I had compiled a master list of all tech blogs. About 200+ resources. All that left was going over this list and start validating. My validation metrics include content quality, freshness, and coverage.

I thought it will be useful to others. So, I decided to put together a guide on best engineering newsletters/blogs. Take your time to review, and subscribe to those that you like. If you want to keep them organized, don’t miss out on the last part of this article.

I hope you find this list useful and it helps you stay informed in your respective industries. Please let me know if you have a favorite that I missed it.

Android Newsletters:

Database Newsletters:

Javascript Newsletters:

iOS Newsletters:

Company Engineering Blogs:

A Language agnostic engineering blogs sharing their latest ideas, learnings and best practices.

That’s all! Did I miss any awesome newsletter? Let me know.

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