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Emotion AI Discussion with Rana Gujral via Hacker Noon AMA

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Rana Gujral is the CEO of Behavioral Signals, speaker, investor and dedicated voice for conversational AI and emotion AI and Noonies nominee.

Inย Ask Me Anything sessionย with the Hacker Noon community, he shared his views on

1. Challenging the moral foundations of society with self-aware AI

"It will raise many questions around how we treat our self-aware robot counterparts? How should we interact? What duties (moral) do we have towards them? What about rights? Will morality promote fostering or thwarting that emerging intelligence?"

2. A secret sauce of most profitable companies in terms of investment

"Those which are solving for a well-defined problem AND have the abilities (skills, access, resources) to execute on that vision."

3. On teaching AI to understand humans emotion while engaging in interaction

"Overall, more than 600 features are used to represent an utterance in the recording in the domain of emotions and behaviors. Based on these features we then train a set of deep models to identify various emotional and behavioral states."

4. The emotion AIโ€™s major breakthrough of the last decade

5. Teaching a robot to differentiate emotions or human to automate work processes?

"With these two trends, with machines becoming more and more intelligent, and with us relying more and more on the machines, it almost becomes imperative that a super-intelligent machine that we are dependent on or we are interacting with has emotional intelligence."

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