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Eleven Trending AI Chatbot Platforms

by Kristen CarterSeptember 8th, 2019
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Chatbot Chatbot is revolutionizing the customer service experience. It has surpassed Facebook’s Messenger usage from 30,000 in 2016 to about 100,000 nowadays. Chatfuel creates smart and intelligent AI chatbots and allows you to provide answers to frequently asked questions from your customers or prospects. Meya AI has a code editor, live debugger and a visualizer. It helps companies create bots that help their customers in messaging and customer support applications. Meya easily integrates with third-party applications, which increases its ease of use.

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The artificial intelligence of the chatbots is revolutionizing the customer
experience. They can provide useful information to customers when they
need it. Hence, a number of companies that use AI Chatbots have grown
exponentially. It provides them with proactive assistance to their

Many brands have supercharged their customer service experience with
chatbots. It has grown and improved to capitalize on various social
networks and messaging platforms.

As per the stats, nearly 80% of businesses will have their own Chatbot by 2020 end. It has surpassed Facebook’s Messenger usage from 30,000 in 2016 to approx. 100,000 nowadays. Hence, chatbots can now be considered as the new-gen tech.

In this blog, we will look at the various AI Chatbot Platforms that would surely boost up your business revenue. Hiring developers from top chatbot development companies can also benefit you in the long run.

Check out the list below:

1) Chatfuel

It creates smart and intelligent AI chatbots and allows you to
automatically provide answers to frequently asked questions from your
customers or prospects, such as in Facebook Messenger.

You can even transfer the conversation to a human agent in case your bot
cannot answer the question properly. This automation ensures that you
never miss a chat from your customers and can continue to provide the
assistance they need.

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2) Meya.AI

It has a code editor, live debugger and a visualizer. With the help of Meya, companies can take advantage of AI for their customer service. It helps companies create bots that help their customers in messaging and customer support applications. You can build, train and host your robots in Meya. And you can also easily scale your bots. Meya easily integrates with third-party applications, which
increases its ease of use.

3) Imperson

This platform develops business AI chatbots that support video, text, audio,
AR and VR in the main messaging platforms. Their conversation robots
provide authentic and engaging chat experiences for clients.

The conversation browser uses the memory of relationships, the attempts of NLP users and the context of a deep dialogue to direct the
conversations. And the moderator of artificial intelligence helps to
reach the objectives of the clients. Imperson provides an end-to-end bot
solution by hosting and deploying your bot and providing information in
real time to improve its performance.

4) Flow XO

Without having to learn any code, it allows you creating smart chatbots. With its simple drag-and-drop editor, you can create logical workflows and
then connect your AI chatbot to the platform you choose.

FlowXO integrates with a large number of third-party applications. You can
create bots that integrate with services like Salesforce, Google Sheets,
Twitter and more. Its hosting and administration features make it one
of the best AI chatbot platforms.

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5) Xenioo

Best Part: Free registration

Without any line coding, you can build amazing chatbots using this easy-to-use platform. It allows you to instantly build and launch intelligent chat
chats for your website or any social networking platforms. You can use
it for multiple channels, including Slack, Amazon, Facebook, WhatsApp,
Telegram, and many more.

In addition, these AI chatbots are able to understand and respond to
complex and multilingual expressions with the help of the NLP engine
integrated into the platform. It even has a training module that allows
you to train chat chats by creating intentions and expressions.

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6) Botsify

It helps you create smart AI chatbots for your website or slack without
having to spend your time and efforts on coding. Botsify offers multiple
add-ons to help you integrate it with your Shopify store, RSS feed,
Google Sheets, or Google search.

It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop UI and is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. This allows machine learning developers to seamlessly transfer the conversation from a bot to a human agent in
situations where the bot is not properly equipped to assist the client.

Theplatform also presents conversation forms through which you can collectinformation about your potential customers through chatbot

7) MobileMonkey

You can use it to manage a series of lead generation activities, such as
chat streams, drip campaigns, and list creation. It also allows you to
automate customer service by providing answers to frequently asked
questions and reduces waiting time. You can even cancel your AI chatbot
and jump into the conversation at any time, without problems.

It helps you build chatbots which can take your Facebook Messenger marketing to the next level.

8) Aivo

It is one of the best AI chatbot platforms as it enhances customer support
experience and helps organizations respond in real time through text or
voice. It can help you increase conversions and optimize your

Aivo’s AgentBot can be easily integrated with third-party platforms such as
Zapier, Live, Zendesk, Salesforce and many others. It adapts to the
rules of a channel and responds automatically to provide its customers
with a personalized experience.

9) Pandorabots

Pandorabots provides solutions for the complete development of turnkey chatbot. This platform is one of the oldest and largest AI chatbot hosting
services in the world. It allows bidirectional communication to scale.

You can create and implement chatbots on your website, mobile applications and popular messaging platforms such as Line, KiK, Twitter, Telegram, and Slack. Pandorabots implements and supports AIML open standards.

10) ManyChat

For marketing, sales and support systems, it helps you easily create
Facebook Messenger chatbots. Its visual creator of drag-and-drop bots
helps you set up a Facebook Messenger bot in no time.

It helps you transmit your messages effectively. You can also automate
your Messenger marketing and send messages based on delays or certain
user actions. It also provides you with a set of tools to help you
increase your Messenger audience.


It can help companies to build conversational chatbots. This can help you
provide faster support to your customers and automatically reduce your
waiting time by providing answers to frequently asked questions.

It has an easy-to-use API along with a conversation flow editor that helps
you easily train your AI chatbot without requiring any technical
knowledge. Boost has been successfully tapped by leading companies in
domains viz. human resources, telecommunications, banking, insurance,
and even in the public sector. Hence, it is one of the best AI chatbot
creation platforms.

Final Note:

So far we have seen some major AI chatbot platforms that let companies build smart and intelligent chatbots to enhance their customer experience. You can even broadcast your special offers and other messages easily using these chatbots. Ultimately, these will help you provide efficient and quick customer

However, we have listed our best AI chatbot platforms for the businesses in 2019–20.

Disclosure: I work at Value Coders, a company that creates Chatbot Solutions