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Effects Of Video Game Piracy

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What Exactly Is The Meaning Of Video Game Piracy?

Do you know the origin of the word Piracy’? This is an ancient word for a criminal offense by the boat-borne attackers upon other ships in the middle of the sea. The main aim was to steal the cargo and valuables. These antisocial elements committing piracy were termed as pirates. Today, in the online world, stealing other developers’ software is termed as software or video piracy! Video Game Piracy is a patent breach by distributing or copying any video game software illegally.

Some people cannot afford to pay $50 for an official game version, giving birth to video game piracy. But studies have shown that irrespective of a decent annual income people choose pirated video games rather than the official copy. This is really alarming and affected the gaming industry adversely.

In spite of severe laws and punishments, video game piracy is still clinging like a parasite across the globe and the gaming industry is incurring heavy losses.

What Are The Major Threats In Downloading Pirated Games?

There has been an increase in downloading pirated games due to the expensive cost of the original game version. Not only the latest games seem to be beyond the reach of the middle class but also the out-dated original versions have become costlier.

Here is the list of certain risk factors involved in downloading pirated gaming software:

Online Gaming Ban: Some game enthusiasts modify their Xbox 360 console to get compatible with the pirated gaming version. Microsoft has suspended the console for any kind of original gaming installation resulting in the confiscating of all types of Microsoft content licenses, membership and any kind of Microsoft account balances that are related to these suspended accounts.

Malware/Spyware: Whenever you download any game from the reputed source like utorrent, you are assured with the trusted software. But some unreliable sources can introduce your computer to harmful malware or spyware. From any public domain, the uploaded game might be appended with a malware! The game enthusiast should be aware that one small mistake can lead to an irrevocable disaster.

Predetermined Deed By The Developer: To understand the importance of the official copy, the developer launches a pirated version with lots of unrequired levels. When the game reaches its climax, the pirated version deletes all the saved game data and goes to the first level.

Game Malfunction: You might try to save a few dollars and purchase a pirated video game. It might be a fraud. The game might fail to work, install or even load.

Legal Complications: Stealing video games, music, movies without the permission of the developer/owner is a federal crime as per US Law. Not only penalty but it could land you behind the bars as well!

Some Important Statistics:

  • The study conducted by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast, in the year 2013 found that more than 90% of pirated video games are infected with spyware or malware.
  • Microsoft in the year 2009 banned almost a million Xbox Live Players for using pirated gaming versions on their consoles.

How Can You Fight Against Video Game Piracy?

One of the measures to fight against video game piracy is to increase the remote connection. You can get some good gaming options on utorrent and also create one exclusive game ID, which can be connected to one application. In the coming future and advanced technology, gaming industry experts believe that piracy might be drastically reduced in the next 5 years.

Codification: Giving a unique code and encrypt the game is one of the best ways to fight video game piracy. Modern technology and advanced programming will make it difficult to crack the installation code preventing piracy.

Registering Purchasers Details: During the gaming installation process, all the personal details of the gamers should be registered. This is one of the easiest and widely accepted methods to control video game piracy.


Is It Really Worth Indulging Oneself Into Purchasing Pirated Video Game?

Risk is directly proportional to the number of pirated video games you download! Apart from the government authorities and the game programmers even we, the end-users should be responsible to control the video game piracy. It is really very hazardous to install any pirated video software.

In case you are not able to purchase a game today, it is worth renting out from a reputed source.

Another method to control piracy is to wait for a few months. Once the game is available at a reduced price, go for it!


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