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If You Have Important Data: Make Sure Its Protected

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Data transfer is very important and it keeps happening almost every minute. As we chat on various social media applications or even like a post, there is a transfer of information that is happening. While we may not be too bothered about the way in which information and data are transferred from the receiver to the sender and vice-versa, we, of course, would be concerned about the safety of the data and information that is flowing on the internet and other forms of communication.

There is an increased risk of data theft, data pilferage and also other risks such as phishing and so on. Hence there is a need to have the right methods by which it makes it possible to transfer data and information safely, speedily and efficiently.

The method has to be foolproof and should stand the test of time because data transmission takes place continuously. While there are many such transfer protocols and methods available, we will have a look at WinSCP portable. It has won the hearts of thousands of small and medium-sized business and therefore it would be a good idea to know more about it.

What Is Special About WinSCP

When we refer to WinSCP portable we are talking about an open source and free FTP application. It is suitable for secure file and data transfer from a local computer to a remote computer located quite far away. Further, this application also offers other things like file manager and also the best of file synchronization facility.

When it comes to secure file transfer, this product uses SSH or Secure Shell and also has the capacity to support SCP protocol in addition to SFTP.

What Are The Features?

There are obviously a number of features that are quite interesting and exciting as far as this FTP product is concerned. Here are a few of them that could be interesting for those who are keen on keeping data safe across different computers and different locations.

  • It provides the best GUI or graphic user interface.
  • It can be translated into many languages.
  • Easy integration possible with Windows and other operating systems. 
  • Easy to use with drag and drop functionalities. 
  • It also helps in Batch file scripting and also command-line interface. 
  • Directory synchronization is also possible. 
  • This can be done manually, in a semi-automatic mode or automatic mode. 
  • It also offers an SSH password facility and is also keyboard-interactive. 
  • Capable of storing session information. 
  • Has the optional facility of importing session information that is available in the PuTTY sessions in the registry. 
  • Good after-sales service.
  • On the whole, it combines a wonderful combination of safety along with efficiency and reliability. 
  • It can easily be installed and does not burden and eat into the vital resources of the computer on which it is installed. 


There are obviously a number of advantages as far as WinSCP portable is concerned. Here are a few of them:

  • It is often considered to be the best FTP client and file manager.
  • It is unique, lightweight and does not eat into computer resources. 
  • Is it fast and highly customizable and quite fast? 
  • It also comes with some of the finest documentation for those who need it. 
  • It can operate on Windows Operating System and can work on almost all new versions of Windows OS.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Even those who do not have the right technical knowledge will find it quite easy to operate. 
  • Finally, it is extremely safe and secure and adds a lot to the overall safety when it comes to transferring files both in a WAN as well and LAN environment. 
  • It is free and an open-source option. 


  • There could be some problems during setup. 
  • When two interfaces are required to be chosen during setup, it requires toggling between the two modes. 
  • This has to be done without modifying WinSCP preferences.
  • This could be problematic for a few new users. 

Summing Up

When we take into account the various features, functions, specifications, pros, and cons as far as WinSCP portable is concerned, a few things stand out. It is a must-have for all those who have big data to be transferred from one computer to another even in a WAN environment. It is safe, extremely reliable and also of the best quality. Most importantly it is free and an open-source resource.


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