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Earn Crypto by collecting IoT signals at CES

CES is filled with millions of IoT devices, CC 2.0 2015 moto_club4ag Adapted

Help build an IoT network while you visit the show

For all of you at CES this week, and wading through the madness — have some crypto fun whilst you cover the floor by joining our CES Challenge. Download our Android app , help find IoT devices and compete to win 1,000 Stellar Lumens.

Here’s how it works

As you wander the world’s largest trade show in Vegas, you earn Noodle! Coins. Users earn a Noodle Coin each time they encounter an IoT device, which will happen often as you’re all at CES. 
Nodle.io has already lined up a number of partnerships with IoT manufacturers like Stilla, Trackr, Joy as well as LifeKit and IoT platform enablers like DevicePilot. You can find them all at CES as well.

Earn 1,000 Stellar Lumens

We’re offering the person that collects the most Noodle! Coins during CES, 1000 Stellar Lumens in exchange for their collected Noodle Coins.

Join The Citizen Network

Noodle! Coins app allows everyone at CES to collect IoT signals through their Android phone. We call it ‘The Citizen Network’, because we focus on community and networking. Aside from collecting Noodle! Coins, which is our proof of concept, our ‘citizen network’ also enables users to find lost items, locate the nearest bike to rent or gather data from local air pollution sensors. Those that join help drive down the cost of connectivity and provide a new way for manufacturers to bring their devices online.

Our incentive? Whilst our crypto experiment is a proof of concept for Nodle, it is also a demonstration of the potential network we can create. Nodle is aiming to prove that cryptocurrency can be mined on mobile without your battery being drained and your CPU overheating. Noodle! Coins App is the first step in validating that movement throughout a wireless environment that can efficiently gather IoT data, and transmit data onto respective IoT manufacturers.

Download the Noodle! Coins now!

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