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Drop Your Hosting Provider With Cloudflare Warp

Who needs AWS or hosting charges? With Cloudflare Warp, you can get a server up and running in your home in minutes. All without DNS or DMZ configuration or bulky frameworks.

Just run your web server of choice on your machine, and Warp handles serving it up through Cloudflare. Warp is a new feature which (at time of this writing) is currently in beta.

This frees us from having to get a host. In the past, just running on your home network required opening ports on your firewall. An easy thing to screw up.

Also, by now (2018) everyone should be running ONLY HTTPS.

Configuring HTTPS has gotten easier over the past few years, but the great thing with Warp, you just run your site as an HTTP server and Cloudflare handles the rest.

Let’s get started.

First, we’ll use httpsd, which has binaries for Linux, Win, and Mac.

httpsd is an instant-on web server, whose output is generated by a provided shell script.

Make the shell script, which will be called index.sh here:

cat index.html

and our index.html

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>Hello World</h1>

and start it up!

./httpsd ./index.sh --insecure --port=8080

Using the *— insecure* flag will start an http instead of an https server, which is ok, because Cloudflare is going to handle the https in a very easy way.

You can use any web server. For instance, there is Simple HTTP Server for Python:

Cloudflare Warp, is just a simple binary, that tunnels to Cloudflare servers, and serves up your site.

I’ve changed the name of the binary to just warp, which makes things even simpler. With our domain name servers hosted with Cloudflare, we just start it up.

$ ./warp --hostname=www.mydomain.com --url http://localhost:8080

and that’s it, hosting made simple.

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