Digital identity on the Blockchain. You can claim yours
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Digital identity on the Blockchain. You can claim yours today.

by Moritz NetoSeptember 14th, 2018
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TENZ-ID is a Decentralized <a href="" target="_blank">Blockchain</a> naming system that allows you to register an Ethereum Address with a <strong>unique, fully owned by you, tradable username </strong>to use on services, applications and games powered by the Blockchain. You can make your own at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.🎉

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featured image - Digital identity on the Blockchain. You can claim yours today.
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TENZ-ID. An uncensorable, unstoppable, identity powered by Blockchain Technology.

TENZ-ID is a Decentralized Blockchain naming system that allows you to register an Ethereum Address with a unique, fully owned by you, tradable username to use on services, applications and games powered by the Blockchain. You can make your own at🎉


— Wow Wow Wow. Calm down with the words Moritz, are you telling me that I can have my own Digital Identity that uses Blockchain Technology today???

Cool. What does this 💩 even mean?

Relax. Hold my hand through your keyboard. I will not only show you why this is pretty amazing, but I will teach you how to get one and become a part of the decentralized world for a few cents in less than 10 minutes.

Yes. Few cents. Less than 10 minutes. Infinite possibilities.

We will do it together.

I will show you the way.

What is TENZ-ID and why does it matter?

TENZ-ID is a system created by Tenzorum Project, which is developing user-friendly tools to empower people with decentralized technologies to liberate the web. We are helping anyone to register a username on the Blockchain in a few clicks (2 to be exact) without having to know ANYTHING about smart contracts and the intrinsic complexities behind them.

Few clicks. Instant Value. Many benefits.

— Why do I need a username on the Blockchain and what can I do with it?

Drake knows.

Ok, this is how the Blockchain currently sees you, we call it the Public Address:


Let’s agree on something…

I am really happy for you if you have insane memory skills, or if you enjoy typing that kind of hash, but in terms of user experience…

This is really really bad.

In every decentralized application (fully powered by Blockchain), you are somehow a hash/ a public address. To execute transactions, send money to your friends, register into applications, and to do anything on the Blockchain, you have to have a public address that belongs to you.


But they are ugly. And frightening. And not user-friendly. And inconvenient. And ugly.

TENZ-ID solves that problem.🎉

What we created is a decentralized solution that allows you to attach a unique username to your public address.

— Ok ok ok… I get it… Usernames and stuff, but what are the core benefits and value of creating a TENZ-ID?

Elon brings you a Tesla at Christmas. That’s it.🚘

Nah, I’m kidding, sorry.

Although I will be happy if you get one, the fundamental benefits are:


That’s the obvious one. If we want Blockchain to go mainstream, and onboard the next 1 billion people to the decentralized world, it’s naive to believe that people will even have to interact with Public Addresses in their primitive form.

If you ever bought into an ICO, have some crypto or are a legendary cypherpunk, YOU NEED to have a personal address as a username sooner rather than later. This is how everything will work soon enough!


TENZ-ID is by design; unstoppable and uncensorable.

When you register on cousin Zuck’s platform(aka Facebook) or uncle Page email system (Gmail), you are asking them for permission to use their services. In return, you are giving them your data.

You can be censored, banned, stopped, obliterated(not this one). Because it’s THEIR platform. And that’s how the centralized internet works.

That’s not how TENZ-ID works because this is not our platform, it belongs to the world. It’s an on chain solution that uses Ethereum Blockchain addresses to register your username. You don’t ask permission to exist or operate, you just do.

💸And you are hearing first.

@Vitalik @Moritz @Naval @Daniel @Pet3rpan @Alex How cool it would have been to have the pure usernames on twitter, or your email, or anything that you use frequently?

What if you actually registered all of those names and later on, actually SELL THEM on digital auctions? Well, that is also possible with TENZ-ID…

Well well smart boys and girls, now you know… Hopefully, you will not be the one that missed out.

So now I’m going to teach you how to register your username in a few clicks.

You are ready young Padawan, This is how to get one in 4 steps:

You will need:

  1. A browser wallet called Metamask. You can download it at!

If you don’t download it, you will receive this error:

2. Few cents in ETH on this wallet (usually less than 30 cents).

I know… It sucks if you don’t have ETH. That’s actually the main focus of Tenzorum Project… We are creating a system around something called Meta-Transactions, allowing you to transact without having to pay gas fees in ETH but any ERC20 or in some cases not paying at all... But this is a discussion for a very close future, if you want to know more look at Tenzorum Service Nodes Network!!!

In the meanwhile:

You need to have a few cents in ETH, don’t be a cheap bast👾💩👽 and go get these cents!


Go to

Make sure your Metamask is on Main Ethereum Network.

What does that mean?

👉This is the real Ethereum Network and you are really getting this username. Like really… Legit… 10/10…

Anyways, let’s keep going.

Stop judging my balance.


Input the username that you want and make sure it’s available, make sure that the ETH address has the same address of your Metamask and when you are ready to join the decentralized world, press Register ID.🎉

You will then be redirected to another page, or a Metamask window will pop up in your screen with something really similar to the image below. Select CONFIRM.🎉

Less than 30 cents as I said before.

We are almost there my beautiful human being, don’t give up on us now❤️.


You will be redirected to a confirmation page! All you need to do is wait for your submission to be confirmed.

There are 2 ways to confirm that you got your TENZ-ID and things went smoothly in the Blockchain:

  1. Wait for a pop up to eventually appear (can take up to ~5 mins), be patient, be calm, be relentless, be like the water that flows in the river of life🔥

The pop up looks like this.

2. Click on the message “HERE” shown on the confirmation page👇.

You will be sent to Etherscan. There you will be able to see the status of your submission.

🚨Now pay attention to this:

If the status of your transaction is “PENDING”. The TENZ-ID is not yours yet. It’s pending 💡… I do not control the Blockchain (if I did prices would just go up all the time🤷🏻‍), so sometimes things may work in a funny way and you may have to try again.


There is only one more thing you have to do… And it’s really important.


It’s one of the most, more critical, and more important things you have done so far…

And it means a lot to me…

You see that Big Bad Blue Button saying: Share on Twitter🚀?

— Yes Moritz, I do see it my friend.

You hit that and share it on Twitter. 👊

That’s how you let me know you made it through the Tutorial and now have your TENZ-ID! Remember to tag me! @mrtzneto.

BOOOOOM. That’s it, you made it through🔥

Let’s verify your username!

Let’s check your username registered on the Blockchain!!!!

Go to Etherscan, and on the explorer bar, type your just claimed TENZ-ID.

It means that from now on, you don’t need to type your public address on Etherscan anymore, you can actually just type your username🤯. Come on, I know you are impressed.

In my case:

This is what you are going to see:

This is how you should be feeling:

You own it. Welcome to Tenzorum. Welcome to a better Decentralized World.

How do I transfer this to someone?

💰We will be launching an explorer for you to trade these usernames.💰

I will update this piece with more details explaining how to do this with mycrypto and $oon with our trading $y$tem, If you want to know when it’s available let your email below ( I will not spam you with randomness👩‍🚀).

👉Soon you will be able to use this identity in applications, games, exchanges and everything across Ethereum ecosystem!

Final Considerations:

You made your own Identity on the Blockchain.🎉 This is fundamentally what we call a subdomain factory. It means that you have interacted with the Ethereum Blockchain using our smart contract to create your personal username. To know more about the technology behind it, visit this article from the legend Radek Ostrowski, Lead Blockchain Engineer at Tenzorum who build all the smart contract🚀s🚀🚀.

You’ve just unlocked some Blockchain superpowers and I hope this helped you become more interested and involved with the amazing space. But remember that with great powers come great responsibilities.

Leave any questions or comments in the section below and share with everyone if you are working on something interesting. The Tenzorum community is always keen to help with cool and meaningful projects.

Now that you went through everything, don’t forget to let me know how was your experience with this article, what have you built and what you are up to!


🍄Smart Contracts and the things people don’t understand at all-> Radek

🦄UX and Design -> @mrtzneto

🌴Front End and Implementations -> Mark

🌀The hidden gem that is changing the Blockchain world ->@tenzorum

👏P.S. Give me at least a 20 claps for good luck in crypto this year ;)