Difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and deep learning by@nikhilgupta

Difference between Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and deep learning

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The development in the field of technology has enhanced over the years. With time, we get terms like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning in technology. We often confuse in these terms and define them similarly. But it is not a precise definition as these terms are different from each other. If you do not want to make this mistake again, then you must read out this article. Here we are going to discuss the difference in these three terms AI, ML, and Deep learning.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, as the name, suggests that it is the intelligence created by humans. It constructed as complex machines using computer properties and performing various actions just like we the humans. These machines have senses similar to humans, or if we say that they show and sense more than humans, then we are not wrong. In a nutshell, it is incorporated human intelligence into machines. This technology is the future of humanity and making their lives better than before. The functionality of these technologies is similar to humans, so they preferred as the best solution for the tasks which can't be performed by us. If we try to define this term, then there are no such words or definition which suits its properties. You can say that it is a computer operated the machine which can function similar to the human brain.


“The ability of machines to work and think, like the human brain, is called Artificial Intelligence.”

AI thinks, work, and reacts similarly to humans as it is designed in that way. However, Establishing the AI ultimately in our lives is not possible until now because there are many features of the human brain which are unable to describe. Some of the best examples of AI are face recognition on Facebook and images classification service of Interest. There are several cases of Artificial Intelligence, which we come through every day.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence. Most of the people consider it as Artificial Intelligence, but it's not true. The machines can learn. The robots learn themselves from the data provided to them. It makes more like to be a technique which makes us realize the presence of Artificial Intelligence. This technique uses algorithms to get data, learn, and then analyze the data. The results came in the form of predictions. You may have noticed when getting recommendation on shopping sites, Google, or Facebook. You get suggestions according to your interests. It is done with machine learning algorithms which are developed in the way to analyzing the recent searches, history, and other information. This technique also influences the marketing and banking sectors.

“Machine learning is the tendency of machines to learn from data analysis and achieve Artificial Intelligence.”

New machine learning algorithms were limited to basic AI, but now it has become an essential part of this system. Many complex algorithms are prepared to give better experience. It has turned the way of watching Shows and Movies. The entertainment industry is using this algorithm for providing suitable suggestions for its viewers on web channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Machine learning is the concept of analyzing data and offers excellent recommendations based on learning from those points if you have questioned how the technique is implemented then read the next section that is Deep learning.

Deep Learning

The implementation of machine learning is deep learning. It is the subset of machine learning, or we can say artificial intelligence, which is the reason behind the working capabilities of the machines. This technique is similar to machine learning in some context. The difference between these two of them is the machine learning needs some guidance for performing a task, whereas deep learning the model will do it himself without the interference of programmer. Deep Learning has enhanced the expertise of users. The best example of deep learning is an automatic car.

“The technique used for implementing machine learning is known as deep learning.”

Deep learning has made machines to work and think like just humans. In machine learning, programmers have to fix the algorithm if the results are inappropriate. But the deep learning models do those themselves just like the human brain. Imagine you have set a code for the fan to turn on when the user says start. The machine learning algorithm will then it will listen to the whole conversation and search for the word start. If it doesn't get the exact word, then it will not start fan even if you want.

On the other hand, deep learning model will start fan even if you said: "Room is too hot to stay." These essential points make them different from each other. Deep learning can learn from its own while machine learning needs to be operated by the program.


Deep learning and machine learning are two concepts related to Artificial Intelligence. The two combined to improve the future of AI, but it's not artificial intelligence. They are different in many terms which must consider for creating the Ai which is even better than the human brain. When machines show human intelligence, then it is called Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning the outlook to get Artificial Intelligence and the implementation of it is known as Deep learning. It is the difference which everyone must know at the time of using these terms. Now, this is the fundamental difference which these three terms have between them.