Diary of a Flying Car Engineer #0by@init_27
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Diary of a Flying Car Engineer #0

by Sanyam BhutaniMarch 23rd, 2018
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5AM.&nbsp;<br><a href="" target="_blank">Valentine’s Day.</a><br>I was staring impatiently at my Phone Screen.

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Disclaimer: This Series is focussed on Sharing what I have learnt during my Flying Car Nanodegree, for cooler stuff on Flying Cars, Check out The Official nanodegree.

5AM. Valentine’s Day.I was staring impatiently at my Phone Screen.

Remember when I said My dream has been working on Self Driving Cars? I Lied.

Image: Back to The Future Poster

I’ve always dreamed about Flying Cars after watching Back to the Future movie. I’ve grown up watching the series and have always fantasised about pushing a button and transforming my car into hover mode whenever I’m stuck in traffic and I’ve wasted endless hours thinking how I could fly from my apartment to university.

Ofcourse I’m passionate about Self Driving Cars. But Flying Cars have always been a dream. If you don’t feel the same. I refuse to believe you.

So when Udacity Came out with their Flying Car Nanodegree; I had to apply right away. I was already pursuing the Self Driving Car Nanodegree and I was convinced that this is the best way that I come closer to my dream.

So, back to my Date.

I was eagerly waiting for my acceptance email. I was amongst the first 800 who got accepted from thousands of applicants! How cool is that!

I decided to put my Deep Learning Rig- to be on- hold for some time and signed up for the First Batch.

Back to The Future Series. This is the Series where I’ll be blogging about what I learn-The Projects that I build pursuing my Nanodegree. The new things I learn.

Udacity has also offered us a discount on Crazyflie 2.0: A drone kit so we get to experiment with a real drone in the real world. Almost a Flying Car, isn’t it?

This series will feature all of the things I get to learn, the Projects I build and the drone flights that I’ll conduct.

Crazyflie 2.0 Drone (Aka the init27 Flying Car)

My plan is also to share the test flights and the tutorials of applying what I learn to the drone via my YouTube Channel.

For Starters:

Here is a Teaser of the ‘init27 Flying Car’

Coming Real Soon!

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