A Self Driving and Flying (New) Year #3by@init_27
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A Self Driving and Flying (New) Year #3

by Sanyam BhutaniFebruary 14th, 2018
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1 Month down the Highway with My Self Driving Car <a href="" target="_blank">Learning</a> Path and I’m loving the ride. And I have some exciting News to Share.

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My 2018 Self Driving and Flying - Learning Path Blog Series.

You can find me on Twitter @bhutanisanyam1, connect with me on Linkedin here

This is Part 3 of the series.Here is the Part 2, go check it out to know what has been going on in my Garage!

1 Month down the Highway with My Self Driving Car Learning Path and I’m loving the ride. And I have some exciting News to Share.

But First, here’s what I’ve been upto in my Garage:

  • Completed the MIT SDC 2018 Course and got a High Score of 70Mph in DeepTraffic. I’m looking forward to the release of SegFuse to try more exciting stuff.
  • [Failure] Fried the RasPi Camera on My Mini SDC Project. Fair Warning: Be very careful when working with Bare Circuit Electronics. Luckily, my New Camera has just arrived as Today, the Pi Board was undamaged and I can get back to it.

  • Completed the Projects Lane Finding and Traffic Sign Classifier. A detailed post on these once these have been reviewed by Udacity.
  • Practised LSTM implementations (End-to-End) with Keras (Link TBD).

  • Learnt ROS Basics. [Announcement]: I will soon release a Medium and YouTube Tutorial series on working with Self Driving Cars using ROS (with Gazebo Sim).

Here’s the First (Unedited) Video from the Series:

Sanyam Bhutani_ROS for SDC Part 1.mov_Edit

  • I’ve explored a Few Simulators for Playing with my SDC Ideas: - CarlaSim- Autoware- AirSim- TrueVision- RightHook- EuroTruckSim 2A more detailed Post on these soon once I have a firm understanding of all the Simulators. Right Now, I like ETS2 and Carla a lot. But I have a lot more tinkering to do.

Google India Scholarship

I have always wanted to work on Deep Learning ideas that would help people at a massive scale.

Developing Android/iOS applications would be the ideal path to this.

Thanks to Udacity and Google for granting me the Scholarship to Android App Dev.

I certainly hope to release a few ideas of mine (For free of course, by Q3–2018).

Changing Lanes to Take a Flight

Given my belief in Sebestian Thrun’s philosophy of Dreaming Big and chasing ideas fearlessly, I was really looking forward to the Flying Car Nanodegree.

And when I received an acceptance mail from Udacity, On the 14th of Feb - I decided to change lanes and Shift Gears for a Flight.

What would you expect a Geek to do on Valentine’s?

I decided to invest my Savings for a GPU-Rig to learn about Flying Cars.

Fly Now, Train Models Later. (Meanwhile, AWS to The Rescue)

I’m definitely up for a Challenge since I’m studying about Flying Cars, Self Driving Cars and Learning from the Scholarship and I’m a ‘Full Time University Student, Part Time Deep Learning Student’.

But I certainly will continue sharing in this series, what I’ve learnt via the Nanodegrees. And Share my Path to Driving and Flying Autonomously.

What are you geeks upto on Valentine’s?

Re:Coming up Soon (Links TBD):

  • PyTorch Series
  • ROS Series
  • SDC Projects Series
  • Flying Car Series (Detailed Project Descriptions, If I’m able to- A YouTube Series)

Here’s a Long Term Dream Concept of Mine:


You can find me on Twitter @bhutanisanyam1, connect with me on Linkedin here

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