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by sreenivas alapatiOctober 13th, 2016
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new Rant(‘fml’);

Developers are unique species. They have a different lingo. Their own Jokes, issues and frustrations. Not everyone can understand them.

While there are many places like Stack Overflow and hacker news for developers to get together, they are mostly for the serious work discussions. I recently came across a wonderful site which is for the developers by the developers and of the developers. It is not a place like the others. It is a retreat for programmers where they can rant about their frustrations, share their geeky jokes and coding enlightenment.

I got addicted to devRant and replaced my Facebook browsing with it. I really enjoy the stuff posted over there and posting things myself. Its a site every developer should read and be active on. Its a Reddit style site where the fellow developers post things and you can do a ‘++’ or ‘- -’ on it. yes, its the developer equivalent of the common man’s +1. They have a mobile app for all the major platforms.

It is developed by a friends duo Tim Rogus and David Fox.

It has a lot of things which will make you say… shit! this is so true!!

Things you secretly wish to do.

You hear some developer nirvana from time to time.

And discussions on programming languages are never ending.

Some developers reveal the internal doubt about their programming super powers.

Its not just for fun… You can hear about the current issues from a different perspective.

And some amazing stories as well. Read the comments for the full story.

One of the unique things about the site is the free swag. If any of the rant you post gets 20+’s shoot a mail to the swag store for you free laptop stickers. And look out for 200+’s that’s when you can ask for a free stress ball.

There are lot of tricks people do to get their hands on these swag.

And the lame ones never get past 25… which is by me :/

But a valid reason isn’t it ? :P

Don’t have enough +’s and envy of the swag? You can purchase them at the swag store. One of the coolest feature is, you can build custom avatar according to your tastes. You can choose from a range of skin colors, clothes, hair styles and gadgets.

Recently, they started a web Comic and podcast series. And last but not least, this guy tahnik recently created history by crossing the milestone of 11111+’s which every one is envy of.


Alright, enough of talk, go post some rants at

*All the rants belong to their respective ranters.