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How to Make a Video Chat App: Features, Tech Stack & Cost

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Instant messaging and video calling paved the way for better communication. The users can exchange messages from any location at any time within a few seconds. Of course, the video calling app allows us to make the right paradigm shift to another level. Within real time audio and video Chat, users have been using the video calling app.

However, social distancing is the primary thing to follow in this pandemic situation. So, we can contact users with live video calling using apps. It provides an optimal solution and stays home when you decide to meet the person who wants to get. User can Develop Video chat app for Android, IOS & Web would cater to the needs of end-users. They set the research, analysis, and design aimed to provide the solution by video calling.

This article will explain how to develop a video calling app by its features, monetization, and recent technologies.

What is The Video Conferencing Market?

In the video conferencing market, everything seems reasonable because of the unique video calling app. It plays a vital role in development. Depend on the research, you can get a live video call chat with end-users. The technologies are developing rapidly, and hence you will have an excellent video conferencing market forever. In the most viewed sources, the key market players seem the best ones for build video conferencing app. Depend on the research, reviews, and analysis, and we can establish key market players for creating a video calling app.

  1. Determine the targeted audience
  2. Stating about the feature list
  3. Preferring the technology stack
  4. Budgeting the project with accuracy 

The Following Apps Present the Key Market Players:

1. Skype

Of course, Skype is a telecommunication app that specializes in providing live video chat and calls between end-users. It offers a smooth solution for users who wish to build encrypted messaging app forever. The app transmits instant messaging services, and users should deliver text, video, audio, and images. They provide a quick solution and able to switch over the users effectively. 

2. Viber

Viber is a cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software. The Viber works depend on the user's interaction goal. You can make free calls, send texts, and video messages to other Viber users. It works both on mobile and computer for connecting with people all around the world. 

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and voice over IP service. This platform is owned by Facebook and allows users to send text messages and voice messages. We can send locations, live Chat, and other media on this Whatsapp. 

4. Zoom

Zoom is a video communication platform where users make free video calls for fast communication purposes. It provides video telephony and online chat services via a cloud-based peer to the peer software platform. It is widely used for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and much more. Zoom is a modern enterprise video communications depends on the reliable platform for us. 

What are the Types of Video Chat Apps?

In this section, we will explain the types of video chat apps for your desires. With the help of types, we can quickly develop a video call app. However, it creates according to the users and hence gets the best app for your desires.


1. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a visual correspondence meeting between at least two clients paying little mind to their area, including sound and video content transmission continuously. In broad terms, user can build video conferencing web which is an answer that permits at least two people to talk and see each other distantly. At first, video conferencing programming empowered clients to settle on video decisions or hold many video gatherings. Nonetheless, as innovation progressed, video conferencing programming gained many accommodating instruments and highlights for distant correspondence and learning. 

2. High Quality Video Calling Apps

Today, video calling app is somewhat an apparatus for incorporated into video coordinated effort and bound together interchanges stages that offer screen sharing, slideshow, recording, texting, venture the board devices, and communication combination among different highlights. We can chat with anyone by using video calls. It depends on the user action, and thus, you will get a chance to video calling apps. 

3. Entertaining Apps

Most of the entertaining apps should undergo the best solution in build video streaming chat. Therefore, it is useful for users to get into the benefits and features of video calling apps. However, the entertaining apps are so far, making users grab attention on the first-class results. As a result, it is capable for developers to know the techniques in developing entertaining apps for your desires. As an expanding number of organizations change too far off work, entertaining apps are slowly turning into the new ordinary, forming how we convey, learn, and work.

How to Build a Video Chat and Conferencing App?

A video chat app is nothing, but it developed to make a conference call
and provide instant messaging. However, it is suitable for
integrating a video chat into a ready-made app. If you wish to build
a video chat app, you must consider some necessary steps. Therefore,
we must make a video chat app for free.

1. UI/UX Design

UI/UX configuration administrations come in any case. In case you're focusing on a vast crowd, your plan ought to be moderate and natural. A UI with explicit highlights may suit a specific group to create instant messaging application. Be that as it may, if it has a considerable load of catches and menus, it'll drive away from most clients. On the off chance that you make a video visit application for clients, and specialized capability, ensure that it will be advantageous for everyone.

2. Backend Development

The worker rationale is an establishment for video visit application improvement. There are a few different ways to manufacture the backend. You can either construct it without preparation or utilize diverse programming as assistance (SaaS) arrangements to build chat apps for enterprise. Building an application without any preparation gives you greater adaptability, while SaaS arrangements will spare you time.

3. Video Streaming Protocol Integration

Sending a live video/sound using the application is conceivable because of the WebRTC convention. Therefore, it is necessary for developing a video streaming protocol to make the process easier. It differs from protocol integration in which it sets back with video calling apps. In short words, the worker trades some information between the customers eager to interface with one another. That is how they can begin an immediate association that is autonomous of the worker. Besides, best video chat api is a safe convention for video talk application advancement. This gets from how product organizations are building a suitable protocol for developing applications and applying this convention.

4. Testing Stage


Ensure that each line of your code fills in as it should. Bugs can prompt sound video desync, disappointments of individual highlights, or even close to home information spills. That is the reason quality confirmation is so significant. It 'sIt's stunning to dispatch an ideal item. Engineers will fix issues after they get client input. In any case, the fewer bugs are in the underlying adaptation; the better client experience will be analyzed further. 

5. Select the Team

To get your venture life, you'll need a product improvement group. You can employ an in-house group of engineers or redistribute your undertaking organizations in live video calling api & sdk. In case you're focusing on long haul participation, an inner improvement group is your decision. With your Group, you can get up close and personal correspondence and control the video talk application improvement measure. Nonetheless, this methodology expects you to lease an office and make the team to develop a video calling app quickly. 

6. Study your End-user

End-users play an essential role in developing and building a video call app. However, the end-users are sending or receiving texts and emerge to take in the overall development. It acts as an excellent solution to make the process easier and consider the best approach in overall developing and building sources. For development, end users serve as sources to send the texts and work the app with a user-friendly design and functionality. 

Key Features to Determine Their App

Whenever you build a video calling app, you must determine some points in mind. Those points will help users to identify what is the video call app and how to build it. So, this article explains the process further with its key features.


1. Video and Voice Calls

When building a video call app, you must consider whether it has video and voice calls. Depends on customer satisfaction, you should design and create a chat application in android without any hassles.

2. Group Calls

On the other hand, Group's calls provide quick solutions to chat instantly with two or more people at the same time. So, you should check whether it has group calls or not. 

3. Real-time Text Chat

Furthermore, text chats provide a quick solution to make your Chat live. You can chat to end users who want to receive a text from your side. 

4. End-to-end Encryption

The end-to-end encryption seems a good thing when considering the video calling apps. It determines how your messages should be protected by the end to end encryption options. 

5. Push Notifications

You can even receive push notifications that notify your unseen messages as well. 

Advanced Features of Video Chat App

By seeing the video chat app's advanced features, you will have a clear idea about building a video chat app. It plays a vital role in building and developing a voice call app. Below are the advanced features you will see further. 


1. Screen Sharing

It plays a vital role in finding out screen sharing presence with end-users. So, it grabs attention in identifying overall screen sharing solution for the users. 

2. Virtual Background

The virtual background has been carrying out with inevitable tracking issues. It will hide the virtual environment by making senseless and has its benefits. 

3. Virtual Noise Cancellation

Of course, noise cancellation plays a vital role in developing a voice call app. With this advanced feature, you can avoid background noise when having needs. 

4. Custom Emojis and Stickers

As a result, you can use custom Emojis and stickers that provide funny and creative content in instant chatting or video calling. 

5. Custom Masks

It provides a creative way of identifying the individuality of the app. You will gain positive feedback from the users and do create their masks. 

12. Video Chat App Technical Stack

It uses several technical stack features that assume to get mobile app development. It plays a vital role in accessing stories during technologies. 


Video Chat App Technical Stack

Programming languages:

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Java


  • Node.js
  • Spark


  • MySQL
  • Oracle

Cloud platforms:

  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon S3

Integrate Third-party APIs & SDKs Build your own Video Chat App for Web, iOS & Android App

1.  MirrorFly - A Self-hosted Video Calling API

MirrorFly is high quality video calling API & SDK for small, medium & enterprise businessess. The solution comes with major real-time collaboration mediums like chat, voice, video and video conferencing to connect businesses all over the world. MirrorFly solution supports 40+ use cases, 150+ communication features and scale upto millions of concurrent users.  

Highlight Features of MirrorFly HQ Video Chat Solution Includes:

  1. One to One & Group Video Calling
  2. HQ Video Conferencing
  3. Secure Voice Calling
  4. Interactive Live Broadcasting
  5. Real Time Text Messaging
  6. Screen Sharing
  7. Video & Audio Recording
  8. End to End Encryption

2.  Apphitect - A Leading Video Chatting Solution

Apphitect is a leading real time messaging solution that provides a white-label messaging, video & voice calling solution. They could integrate with an instant messaging solution that is being alive. The instant messaging app works better for the eCommerce platform. They assume to work together in developing real-time chats. They ensure to build confidence in building a voice call app for business and others. 

Highlight Features of Apphitect Secure Video Chat API Includes:

  1. Video Calling Solution
  2. Live Video Chat
  3. Emojis & Stickers
  4. Call Recording
  5. SIP Interconnection

3.  CONTUS Fly - A Custom HQ Video Calling SDK Provider

Contus is a leading communication APIs & SDKs that helps users grab innovative Saap solutions. As a result, business owners use this platform for having instant live chat support. Therefore, it provides a quick solution to meet the user requirement. The Contus is also offering real-time chat software for eCommerce companies. It develops trust and allows developers to find out the interactive needs of tech-savvy platforms. 

Highlight Features of CONTUS Fly Live Video Calling SDK Includes:

  1. Live Video Calling
  2. Group Video Chatting
  3. Live Interactive broadcasting
  4. Video Conferencing
  5. Multi Browser support

4.  Acquire - Video Chat Software for Enterprise Business

Acquire is a leading platform that provides instant real time video chat software for business and other services. It brings forth attention to calling the Android and iOS apps. In the real time Chat, it ensures developing a reason for developing real time Chat offers specific functionalities towards the user experience. 

Highlight Features of Acquire Live Video Chatting Solution Includes:

  1. Instant Messaging
  2. Live Video Call
  3. Audio Calling
  4. Push Notifications
  5. Security

    5.  Agora - Ral-time Video Chat for Web & Mobile Apps

    Agora is a top-notch real time chat platform that offers software for business and other services. You can send messages quickly and make a video call to the end-users or clients. They make sure to get live chat support for solving the customer queries and answer them effectively. It depends on the user interface actions and provides overall guidance in solving the main questions. 

    Highlight Features of Agora Live Video Calling SDK Includes:

    1. Live Interactive Video Streaming
    2. High Quality Audio Calling
    3. Screen Sharing
    4. Digital Whiteboards
    5. Group Video Calling

    6.  Enablex - Build a Video Chat App for Web & Mobile Apps

    Enables seem the professional communication platform to make sure about instant messaging and voice calls. They ensure to develop of a quick outcome by identifying the overall solution. The Enables provides instant messaging and voice calls depends on the user interface features. 

    Highlight Features of Enablex HQ Video Calling SDK Includes:

    1. Live Video Calling
    2. Live Video Broadcasting
    3. Live Chat
    4. Screen Sharing
    5. Emojis & Stickers

    Video Chat Support Any Industries

    The video chat app supports many other industries due to its familiarity and unique features. However, they ensure to develop the right solution in finding out live chat app for your needs. Some of the industries are listed below as follows. 

    1. Distance Elearning
    2. Health Care
    3. Financial Services
    4. Field Services
    5. Ecommerce
    6. Fitness 

    Video Chat App Monetization Strategies


    Some of the video chat apps provide real-time experience in making money. However, it ensures to keep track of the long term revenue depends on the static and video ads. Some of the video chat apps have ads facilities to earn money as well. 

    1. In-app Payment
    2. Chatbot Integration
    3. In-app Purchase
    4. In-chat Advertisement
    5. Pay-per Download
    6. Sponsorship
    7. Subscription


    From the above discussion, you will have a clear idea about building and developing a video calling app. It allows users to learn its features, functionalities, and strategies to earn money as well. So, you will have a clear understanding of the apps to ensures its functionalities.

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