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Delete These Apps to Speed and Space up Your Phone by@bailey_anderson

Delete These Apps to Speed and Space up Your Phone

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Smartphones, the smart technology at our fingertips has geared our lifestyles to optimal levels.

Spacing, functions, and battery life are, however, issues smartphone owners must deal with. There is a direct link between a smartphone’s battery life, loading speed, and usability to the installed apps.

Is your smartphone misbehaving? Do apps crash amid critical processes?

Why don’t you weed out these 11 apps to space and speed it up?

1. GasBuddy

Car owners love and cherish it. They enjoy a span of mental peace at the look of this app. GasBuddy simplifies access to gas stations while still making it stress-free and fun to compare gas prices.

Unfortunately, GasBuddy violates users’ privacy policies by collecting driver’s private data such as their braking, driving distance, acceleration, and speeding habits. I’m sure you don’t want your lifestyle to be monitored by a mere app, so why don’t you weed it out?


2. TikTok

It started as a teens’ app for creating and sharing short comic clips, dances, and lip-sync videos.

That’s no longer the case today; it’s been used globally by people of all ages. TikTok, the Beijing-originating app, isn’t blameless as it’s rumored to collect and share user’s data to the Chinese government. Wipe it out of your apps inventory and save space and speed up your phone.

3. Angry Birds

Angry birds is all fun and mind-boggling until you realize it illegally siphons data from your smartphone. The U.S. National Security Agency and the Government Communications Headquarters confirmed the app has an ad-platform inside the game’s coding that collects user data such as political and sexual orientation, phone numbers, call logs, and location.

4. IPVanish VPN

Virtual Private Networks provide privacy and anonymity by masking the internet protocol location {IP}. Regrettably, a 2018 YouTube review by Lee TV confirmed that the IPVanish steals customer data and shares it with the U.S authorities.

5. Facebook

Sharing moments and enlightening the world about our expeditions isn’t all bad. But, in reality, Facebook isn’t healthy. It wastes lots of user's time, which often leads to depression and anxiety.

6. Camscanner

Rarely do people have printers and fax machines at home. Many use Camscanner to sign, scan, and send documents. Good, right? But do you know some CamScanner versions are known to have malware?

7. YouVersion Bible

The YouVersion provides the bible to your fingertips. It boasts over 300 million installations. But the app isn’t as holy as the message it conveys. It connects to Wi-Fi, without the user’s consent, modifying the stored phone’s content, reading user contacts, as well as tracking their location.

8. Rondonautica

Rondonautica is adventurously dangerous. It only needs access to your location and voyage expectations to customize a rendezvous point. The app doesn’t interfere with your privacy or survey your habits. However, it can mess with you big time.

It can direct you to dangerous new spots. You may find yourself in places marked as no go-zones for every person. It may as well lead you to dangerous. So why risk why you can wipe it out and enjoy your expeditions in peace.