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"Decentralization is slowly becoming a priority", says Pando Browser's CEO

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@edward-moonEdward Moon

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Internet users have been becoming more and more aware of online privacy-related issues, especially over the last several years. Privacy inquiries by advertisers, websites, and other online entities were seen by many as nothing short of privacy intrusions, which led people to seek out more privacy-friendly solutions.

Of course, there are always VPN technologies, proxies, and similar tools that can be used to mask one's identity, location, and even data flow. However, good VPNs require monthly or yearly subscriptions and the users still need to remember to turn them on and off; plus, they tend to slow down internet connection speed.

Users then turned to privacy-friendly browsers that started to emerge, causing big names to consider turning privacy-friendly themselves. However, there is only so much that they can do and not a lot of it truly benefits the user. Then blockchain-based browsers started to emerge, offering a much higher rate of data management and privacy control and they started becoming a major hit overnight. 

We had a chance to talk to the Pando Browser's CEO, Jung Sanghun, and get a few interesting answers to some of the burning questions regarding the Pando Browser, token, and the Pando ecosystem, in general.

Pando Browser is a Web 3.0 browser available for Android. It is based on blockchain technology and it offers a number of privacy benefits, as well as other advantages. For example, it allows users to block advertisement and only allows some of it, according to their preferences. It also has a built-in VPN, a messenger, and it is planning to work with IPFS-compatible dApps in the future.

Being a blockchain-based browser, it also works well with the Pando ecosystem's native cryptocurrency, PANDO. It even has a built-in Pando wallet, which allows users to send and receive digital coins. Lastly, it can reward users with financial rewards, as it offers mining rewards capabilities.

Here is the interview with Pando Browser's CEO, Jung Sanghun.

Edward Moon: Online privacy has come into focus quite a bit in recent years. Can you tell us how much privacy do users get when browsing the web?

Jung Sanghun: It has been quite an issue in the recent years that online privacy is becoming known as 'vulnerable'. However, we have been trying to diminish the worry by bringing a breakthrough solution. Pando, our browser, is using IPFS, an abbreviation for InterPlanetary System which is a protocol and a peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. So, we can confidently state that our Pando browser is fully secure from privacy.

Edward Moon: What about private mode or incognito mode that some browsers offer? Can they help?

Jung Sanghun: Private mode or incognito mode has their visible weakness that itself cannot cover up fully. As we know, this mode that some browsers provide needs to be activated first, and unfortunately, advertisers and DNS queries still can reveal your browsing data. Pando browser is totally different from private mode or incognito mode, we aim to have much higher security on our browser by enabling what private or incognito mode cannot solve.

Edward Moon: What is actually the biggest risk for users who use traditional browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and alike?

Jung Sanghun: Surely these commonly used browsers are not 100% secure from private information and even the enormous existence of advertisement banners. It leads to so many disadvantages for the users. Not only the security and privacy are questionable, but it can lead to such issues as low internet speed, and Chrome is even known for taking up a lot of RAM when it is running on our devices.

Edward Moon: What does your company's Pando Browser do differently?

Jung Sanghun: We do not only do different from others, but we provide effective solutions that are needed, especially for this advanced era of browsers. Our Pando Browser is secure from leaking private information. As one of the disturbances in browsing is that advertisements can be such an interference. From this, we are sure that the advertisement banner on the browser will not be a noticeable distraction in our browsing experience.

Edward Moon: Pando Browser already integrates a number of other products, can you tell us which ones you have in there?

Jung Sanghun: We have numerous that are already running and have been giving positive impacts. In our Pando browser, we have namely Pando Messenger, Pando VPN, Pando Coin, and Pando Wallet.

Edward Moon: Speaking of Pando Wallet, what options does it offer to Pando's crypto users?

Jung Sanghun: One of the things that are currently needed in this digitalized era is decentralization as being decentralized is slowly becoming a priority. Thus, the Pando wallet is fully decentralized. The user of Pando wallet will have full access to their wallet without any external intervention. Pando’s decentralized wallet also has staking services as well. So, the users will earn a passive profit, income, and even rewards from this option.

Edward Moon: Pando Browser's users can get rewards from using the browser, can you tell us how that works?

Jung Sanghun: A reward system is such a good way to have a good relationship with your customers. However, as we store and manage data safely and efficiently through a distributed file storage system, the system would sum up into one account how many rewards that they earn based on their contributions or even activities on the digital wallet. This is mainly how the contribution reward system works.

Edward Moon: Your Pando Coin recently made quite a few headlines due to the Bittrex listing, can you tell us more about that?

Jung Sanghun: When we released Pando Coin and it made through the headlines, we were so thrilled. Of course, with Bittrex listing, this would get more people to recognize our product well. So, to not put an end to this exhilaration, we are currently planning to do the next listing on other exchanges as well. The date is not confirmed yet, but we are putting our best into this plan.

Edward Moon: Will Pando Coin now become available for US crypto users?

Jung Sanghun: The US crypto users are one of our horizons to embrace, therefore, we currently are under google play app store update. We will surely have it released next month according to the plan, but if people are curious about how it is and how it works, you can freely download the APK through our website.

Edward Moon: What other plans do you have for Pando Coin and the ecosystem?

Jung Sanghun: Truth be told, we aim to expand to other functional yet fun services in our products. We positively aim to create a Pando world ecosystem. It is where there are services such as Pando game, Pando music, and even Pando messenger. This will bring such a friendly ecosystem that lets users actively interact through our app. Not only to let them interact but also to receive proper contribution rewards upon their efforts and activities in this ecosystem.


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