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Cybercriminals Target SMEs and Large Companies Alike

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There are many misconceptions about the operation of SMEs, especially in the field of cyber-security. A study by Cisco has shown that they share a lot with large companies in the world.

When examining the computer security habits of 500 SMEs in 13 countries, including Mexico, several myths were detected about small and medium-sized companies that show how much they have in common with large firms.

The study conducted by Cisco and published in the report "Big Security in a Small Business World" showed that SMEs prioritize cybersecurity more than previously thought.

In fact, contrary to what many may think regarding the presence of personnel dedicated to IT security issues, SMEs demonstrated this is not the case, only 1% of them reported not having anyone dedicated to this area.

On the other hand, 60% of the participants in the study indicated that they have more than 20 people, including those who come from a provider dealing with information security.

Also, it is often thought that small and medium-sized companies are not concerned with having up-to-date infrastructure compared to large corporations, but data security is also a concern for SMEs.

94% of the companies participating in the study indicated that they update regularly or constantly. Furthermore, only 54% of large companies indicate that they use updated infrastructure and 42% of SMEs are in the same situation.

When it comes to taking care of information, it is very important to be proactive, so it is not surprising that 72% of medium and small companies have employees dedicated to detecting threats, which brings them closer to 76% of large companies that work in the same way.

To a certain extent, the use of digital tools equates SMEs with large companies in the world, so in relation to security matters, they should be concerned in the same way as large companies.

Although many people consider that small and medium-sized companies do not suffer the same attacks as large companies, this is not the case. Although criminals are different, the downtime suffered by those affected is more or less the same, regardless of the size of the organization attacked.

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