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CSS Basics: How To Take A Control

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@eric-mbouweEric Mbouwe

full-stack developer

As a web developer, we have to work at some point on the visual aspect of our applications and this is where we talk about style and therefore

Cascading Style Sheet

Imagine this tool as an engine or a car gearbox that we can manipulate to have the best possible driving experience; When driving your car during your journey you may encounter several surfaces, flat, dented surfaces or even hills and valleys and depending on the situation you will opt for very precise speed and/or a very precise driving mode for having the best experience on this course.

Example: the first speed to climb a steep slope rather than the 2nd the 3rd and more... yet faster than the first. The choice here is, therefore, a function of the situation and not of intrinsic qualities offered by the best speed (s). My friends, it's quite the same with the CSS and the tools it offers us, indeed this magnificent tool offers us a multitude of diverse tools, all specific and distinct in their use, their function and their handling.

That said, we can get to the heart of the matter through a very specific case.

In the context of this article, we are interested in a non-exhaustive way on the choice between grids and flexbox.

Flexbox vs grid the best of both worlds, the two tools allow us to build magnificent responsive layouts by managing content intuitively. The first is used effectively in bidirectional content management (horizontal and/or vertical) while the second is used only for unidirectional content management (horizontal or vertical).
We, therefore, understand that with a grid we can do the job of a flexbox however it does not replace the flexbox because this one for very specific situations will prove to be more suitable because it is easier to implement and guaranteeing a saving of time and a better evolution of the code. You can look at this to know more on the topic.

Ultimately it is good to note that the objective here is not to master all the tools offered by the CSS in order to use them efficiently but simply to have an overview of these tools, to have the right approach and finally to seek the necessary knowledge if you do not have it to apply the style to your web page by relying on one or more specific tools according to your needs to have the best possible rendering.


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