Cryptocurrencies In 2021: Expectations Versus Realityby@viktorkochetov
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Cryptocurrencies In 2021: Expectations Versus Reality

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Kyrrex has taken a closer look at the performance of the crypto leaders in 2021. The Kyrrex team outlines the main reasons that led to these outcomes. Despite major shocks, BTC has broken the BTC/USD 60,000, and ETH broke the $4,000 threshold entering the ETH/USD 4,300 area. The rollercoaster ride began in February 2021 and peaked in May, with the sharp decline continued through July 2021. At the same time, the launch of the Bitcoin futures exchange-traded Funds (NYSE) on the New York Stock Exchange-Traded Funds in October 2021 constituted the main positive news in the main news in 2021 in China.

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