Crypto Launchpads Compared: BullPerks Vs. BSCPad Vs. Polkastarter Vs. GameFi Vs. RedKite by@gashihk

Crypto Launchpads Compared: BullPerks Vs. BSCPad Vs. Polkastarter Vs. GameFi Vs. RedKite

Crypto launchpads are platforms that assist tokenized projects with crowdfunding, by offering early-stage deals to their community of investors. The first Q1 of 2021 alone saw $2.6 billion in venture capital (VC) funding surpassing the entire year of 2020. Launchpads provide regular investors the opportunities that were previously only available to venture capitalists and other large-scale investors. By the end of this article, we will also go through 5 of the best crypto launchpad projects worth having a look at.
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The crypto market has seen tremendous growth in 2021. Crypto launchpads, the incubators of new projects based on the blockchain, own a due part of the credit.

In the world of crypto, whoever gets in early, wins. No wonder the investments in crypto projects keep growing. The first Q1 of 2021 alone saw blockchain-based startups worldwide amassing $2.6 billion in venture capital (VC) funding, surpassing the entire year of 2020. Most of the investments were done by VC affiliates of crypto startups, whose growth relies heavily on the ecosystem enlarging.

Crypto launchpads are platforms that assist tokenized projects with crowdfunding, by offering early-stage deals to their community of investors. In this article, we will go through what a crypto launchpad stands for, and why are they essential to the broadening of the crypto ecosystem. By the end, we will also go through 5 of the best crypto launchpads worth having a look at in 2022.

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

Crypto launchpads are the next ‘rockstar’ of Web 3.0, especially when it comes to DeFi. Often referred to as crypto incubators, crypto launchpads assist in the launching of new blockchain-based projects and tokens and increasing liquidity.

launchpad calculations

launchpad calculations

Due to the blockchain-based and decentralized nature, a crypto launchpad enables users from any background to participate in a token sale.

“Launchpads provide regular investors the opportunities that were previously only available to venture capitalists and other large-scale investors.” CryptoMinati Capital claims. In case you’re thinking of making the first step on a launchpad, be sure to find the best projects in the early stages. For example, a Telegram channel like GamesPad updates investors of various Tier A+ deals, while the community discusses the potential of a project.

Additionally, as the project keeps scaling, the essence of its success could boost the value of the tokens, resulting in profits for early investors. This level of reciprocal benefit attracts both parties to take part in IDOs.

Why crypto launchpads are essential to crypto’s expansion

As we mentioned above, using a launchpad comes with plenty of benefits for all parties involved. Below, we will go through the advantages a crypto launchpad offers for investors as well as founders of a project.

Appreciating cryptocurrency

Appreciating cryptocurrency

As a founder, releasing a project through a top launchpad helps build awareness around the project, presenting it to thousands, and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts and investors. This also builds credibility around the project, mostly due to the trust relationship an investor builds with her favorite launchpad.

The Crowdfunding and marketing services a launchpad offers can be a game-changer in a project’s building and blossoming. This sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? This is why blockchain-based projects are increasingly more heading towards crypto launchpads for more than just raising funds.

On the other hand, from an investor’s perspective, a crypto launchpad offers security for investments. Investing in a launchpad decreases the chances of losing funds due to a lack of intrinsic potential in a project, or a DeFi rug-pull (prevalent at the present time,hitting over $2.8 billion in 2021 alone).

Also, reliable crypto launchpads perform a rigid vetting process on the new projects, preventing the launch of a scam, rug-pull, or another less-than-worthy kind of startup.

5 of the best crypto launchpads to keep an eye on

The amount of crypto incubators keeps growing yearly. This list includes veterans and fast-growing crypto launchpads that have set the stage in 2021, expected to do the same in the new year.

  1. BullPerks

BullPerks logo

BullPerks logo

BullPerks is a decentralized VC and multi-chain crypto launchpad known best for its transparent and community-focused approach. BullPerks has proven to be a reliable platform, catering to its investors’ demands with plenty of great investment opportunities, while supporting young blockchain-based projects with fundraising and increased liquidity.

BullStarter’s decentralized ecosystem offers a fair 6-Tier system, providing a fair share of allocations for every investor. The launchpad operates under its native token, $BLP. The token is rooted in the BSC Network and is used for earning rewards and upgrading the Tier on the platform through locking, staking, and/or farming.

  1. BSCPad

BSCPad logo

BSCPad logo

The BSCPadplatform provides cryptocurrency projects with a means to distribute tokens and raise liquidity. It is a platform for fair, decentralized launches. BSCPad aims to be the next generation of blockchain launchpads that addresses the issues with staking. **

This platform benefits all token holders and enables fair launches, allowing investors of all sizes to invest in the best upcoming Binance Smart Chain projects. The BSCPad is hallmarked for its two-round system that ensures that every tier level receives an allocation.

  1. Polkastarter

Polkastarter logo

Polkastarter logo

Polkastarteris a decentralized launchpad rooted in the Polkadot ecosystem for token pools and auctions. The launchpad supports blockchain-based startups by raising funds, building a strong community of investors, and boosting their reach. **

Polkastarter provides various other tools for projects looking to raise capital, including anti-money laundering and identity validation measures. Also, the platform offers features such as a private password-protected private pool, empowering smart contract token swaps, and price notifications. These tools and features fave Polkastarter launchpad a place in our list of top 5 crypto launchpads to have an eye on.

  1. GameFi

GameFi logo

GameFi logo

GameFiis a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem that incubates fantasy games, betting, lottery, and PVP games, with an integrated NFT marketplace. It aims to be a worldwide platform for players to engage and play games with each other, without restrictions on any country.  **

GameFi is the only game-focused, chain-agnostic launchpad, where the dividend for staking is almost 51%. The platform’s BSC work technology secures the users’ data, as well as a low-cost and swift user experience.

  1. RedKite

RedKite logo.

RedKite logo.

There are numerous crypto launchpads that aim to assist aspiring tokenized projects with a well-organized launch–RedKite, a recent joiner in the IDO market, has quickly scaled to the top of the list. Except for fundraising, the platform assists new crypto projects with marketing, a performance that has been a promising one so far.

RedKite allows its community of investors to participate in transparent, early-stage token sales for upcoming crypto projects. To protect their community from potential scamming or rug-pulls, the launchpad has a rigorous scanning procedure for the new projects. RedKite is a use case of the PolkaFoundry platform, and it operates under the same token, $PKF. The token is supported by Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC Networks.

Wrapping Up

A crypto launchpad offers retail investors the opportunities to invest in deals that just a couple of years back used to be available only to venture capitalists (VCs) or other large investors. There are two essential reasons why a launchpad deserves to have a look at. The first is the low-entry access to token sales. Second is the potential of a project launched by a well-established launchpad, making it a great possibility for the token price to grow. The launchpads in the list above are a great way to get started with.

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