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Creating A Monthly SEO Google Analytics Report Marketers & Agencies

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Today the number of KPIs that need to be tracked in the Google Analytics SEO report business is quickly becoming overwhelming. Fortunately, there are samples of SEO reports available everywhere. The must-haves of a good report are organic traffic, conversion rate, click-through rate, keyword Ranking, link building, and much more.

What is an SEO report in Google Analytics?

SEO analytics and reporting give an overview of the performance of a website in search engines. They usually focus on domain metrics, organic traffic, and rankings.

Experts say that SEO is based on planning and working day in and day out. A google analytics SEO report is the analysis of planning and work that produces results in a broader concept. The exciting thing is that an SEO report is not just about to benefit; instead, it is primarily for clients. In short, a report is a platform that speaks about the work done or planned for the future.

An effective SEO report conveys three things

  1. Progress:
    It is about the knowledge you are giving to the client; the report has to show improvement.  
  2. Insights:
    This is about knowledge of subjects that apply directly to catering for client needs, more explicitly highlighting areas that need improving in the coming months.
  3. Recommendations:
    The only thing client wants is to know about the whereabouts of the money they spend. Sometimes they might want to understand the work being done on their site and might want to track performance. In simple terms, they want to see the ROI of SEO.

Inputs clients want to see in Google Analytics reporting:

This entirely depends on the nature of business and clients. Different clients will undoubtedly want to see other things, but there are few things every client will want to know about, and they are as follows:

  • SEO Health:
    This is an overview of technical problems and errors which might affect SEO visibility.
  • Backlink Health:
    It is all about the type of backlinks pointing at the client’s site for better performance.
  • Ranking Progress:
    This parameter is crucial in every business as rankings change and keep a tab on potential drop-offs.
  • Organic traffic progress:
    This is vital for it is crucial to quickly understand organic traffic and see exactly which pages are driving traffic in the long run.
  • Sales/ Leads:
    This shows the amount of tangible ROI of clients gained from SEO.

The below-mentioned points make the best SEO reporting analytics:

Report Summary

Sometimes, it can be intimidating to dive straight into a report filled with technical terms and charts, so it is good to give an overview to clients in the initial stages.

The plan is to enable the client to understand the report within a few minutes, or few glimpses considering the client's absolute zero knowledge about SEO. Always ensure to have a suitable introduction followed by structure and context to the rest of the report, so be thorough and provide a breakdown of the following:

  • Project Goals and KPIs
  • Tasks Completed
  • Results Overview

Traffic Overview by Channel

This is all about where the traffic is coming from. One mandatory critical section to include in every report is a breakdown of channels. These channels are bringing visitors to your client’s site and help identify the medium that is essential.

Providing specific numbers for each channel helps but more needs to be done, like comparing them to each other and looking for trends in how the traffic is changing with time. Too many SEO reports don’t help as they dump data without any context. When data or a complete picture of website performance is there, the client can put the SEO and organic performance in a better perspective.

Conversions via Organic Traffic

Ultimately, the only thing clients want to see is what impacts their bottom line in the long run. This is when you show clients the value and what exactly you bring to the table. This is why it is essential to set up the goals you want to achieve as a marketer. These goals will measure things like conversions and leads.

Landing Page Report

When you are creating new pages for clients or writing content, you should include a section on landing pages. Specifically, a landing page report usually provides additional insight on which pages generate the most traffic. One can filter this report by the “Organic” channel for specifically focused information on SEO reports.

Keyword Rankings

As we all know, keyword rankings are an integral and essential part of any SEO report. They usually act as good indicators of whether the overall strategy is working or whether anything needs to be added or changed for better understanding as a digital marketer.

Generally, when clients are on board, one has to identify a handful of target keywords to begin tracking from the beginning of the campaign to the end, adding these keywords to the SEO client report template to show progress in the SERP easily.

Google Search Console

As a digital marketer, you must know which keywords are ranking now, but are you wondering how many clicks are they generating in Google? Well, Google Search Console provides loads of valuable information about how Google interacts with any website.

Backlink Overview

As known to all marketers, building a healthy backlink profile is considered one of the biggest challenges encountered by every SEO professional. If you provide link-building services to clients, you want to report on them too. You need not dump a giant list of all backlinks the client has. Always remember too much information doesn’t help. It is only going to distract from the success of your SEO!


The process of SEO reporting saves hours every month. Just a template highlighting the most critical data with few more details is not everything.

All data and inputs together in one report look insightful, and good reports are vital in retaining long-term clients. Concise, clear, well-written information helps clients to understand things in a better way. In summary, all that a client wants is proof that paying for SEO is bringing a positive return on investment for their company.

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by Koenig Solutions @techyruchir. Koenig Solutions is a leading IT training & education company, renowned all over the world for offshore IT training. Read my stories


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