create-component-app v1 is out now 🎉by@cvarisco
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create-component-app v1 is out now 🎉

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What is create-component-app ?

How much time do you spend copying and pasting the component folder to create a new one ? Or you create your own snippet on your editor ?

create-component-app is a tool to generate different types of React components from the terminal (or from the editor) that helps you to save a lot of time and prevents errors caused by copy and paste.

With a lot of options you can easily create your React components very fast!

Why a medium article ?

Because we notice that every team has a different way to create React components and the tool can’t help everybody.But now, the community can contribute with sharing their own React component templates! #34In this way every single guy in the React community can use a different way to create a component.

How can I share my templates in 3 steps ?


Feedbacks are welcome!

I think that the most important thing in the world is to receive feedback on what we are doing.I’m very happy to help the community to improve our environment and it would be great receive feedback on this, or receive a lot of contributions!

If you like the tools share it with your team and click on ⭐️ Have fun coding !

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