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CPU Benchmark : Measure the power of Android devices

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Android devices are always more powerful but sometimes, it can be hard to measure the power of smartphones and tablets with accuracy. Even worst, some benchmarks already exist but results are sometimes strange and we can have some doubts about their independency.

To fix this problem, I created CPU Benchmark an Android tool letting you to measure the power of your smartphones and tablets in a fast and efficient way.

CPU Benchmark is available in two versions on the Google Play Store :

CPU Benchmark is the solution that we offer to measure the CPU power of your device in a simple, fast (maximum 2 to 3 minutes on the slowest devices) and completely independent way. Once the Benchmark is over, you will be able to locate your device against the competition and knowing what its processor actually has in the stomach.

CPU Benchmark is also an ideal tool for choosing your future smartphone or tablet with full knowledge of its computing capabilities. For this, a comparison feature allows you to compare 2 devices in particular.

You can also discover CPU Benchmark in video on YouTube :

The test performed by CPU Benchmark consists in the realization of various operations intensively using the processor of your device:

  • Calculation of the Fibonacci Function
  • Calculation of Pi
  • Calculation of Prime Numbers
  • Random Number Generation
  • Realization of Intensive Mathematical Operations
  • Using of Trigonometric Functions (Tangent, Sine, Cosine, …)
  • Application of various Cryptographic Algorithms (MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256).

The more your device performs these operations, the more it will be considered efficient. The CPU Benchmark rankings section lets you know the complete list of devices that have passed the test.

Feel free to share your results with your friends on social networks.

For any suggestions or ideas for improvement, do not hesitate to use the comments below.


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