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Contribute to the AI Consulting Contract

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As AI/machine learning continues to spread and become ubiquitous throughout industry, there will be a rising demand for AI and machine learning engineers.

While some companies will dedicate the resources to hire entire teams of AI engineers, many will elect to hire consultants to either work on projects or advise their software engineers on how to design a specific model.

I’ve been contacted by almost a dozen companies in the past few months asking if I can do AI consulting for them and one of the larger hurdles I’ve had to jump over as I’ve started this consulting side business is writing a contract, invoices, etc.

The vision

In light of my struggles and breakthroughs while getting my consulting gigs off the ground, I have decided to share what I’ve learned via a GitHub repository.

Right now there is just a base template for an hourly contract in there (which I’m sure is not perfect). My goal is for this repository to become a resource for AI/machine learning engineers so they don’t have to waste their time or money working out the gritty business stuff.

I hope to eventually have invoice templates, templates for various types of contracts, suggested hourly rates, how to negotiate, how to find clients, etc.

But I can’t do it alone.


I encourage anyone to contribute to the repository in any way — brainstorming ideas via Issues, putting up PRs with additions/changes, sharing this resource with other people who could contribute or benefit from it, etc.

Contribute here

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