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SAP SE operates as an enterprise application software, and analytics and business intelligence company worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Applications, ...

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101379 employees
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Since 1972
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1682 at Alexa

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Why SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) Matters for Businesses
Published at Nov 26, 2021 by NordVPN Teams
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Cloud Computing and the Evolution of SASE Cybersecurity
Published at Oct 20, 2021 by joseph-chukwube
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Homo Sapiens Versus The Internet
Published at Oct 03, 2017 by DaveDixon
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Five Things I Learned from Reading Sapiens
Published at Jun 03, 2017 by stervy
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Homo Sapiens, Evolution, Money & Bitcoin
Published at Mar 29, 2018 by AleksandarSvetski
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How I started my IoT Company
Published at Mar 19, 2020 by th3n00bc0d3r
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Facebook: The Magic 8 Ball
Published at Aug 07, 2019 by codeofconduct

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MuleSoft Pins The Tail On Integrated API Automation
Published at Jun 29, 2022 by Forbes
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Perfecting Operations Through Machine Learning
Published at Jun 27, 2022 by CIO
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Product and service simplification in banks for enhancing customer service
Published at Jun 24, 2022 by Free Press Journal on
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Recruitment Platform by VidCruiter Now Available on SAP® Store
Published at Jun 23, 2022 by Business Insider

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