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Hum Capital is a funding platform unlocking companies' full economic potential by connecting them with the right capital for their growth.

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Since 2019

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Thrilled to be Recognized as Startup of the Year in New York City
Published at Mar 19, 2022 by blairsilverberg
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Invest in People, Not Companies: Identity-Centric Investment Model
Published at May 28, 2019 by kirill.goryunov

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Humana (HUM) Gains As Market Dips: What You Should Know
Published at Jul 23, 2022 by Yahoo Finance
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Should You Already Consider Disposing Your Humana (HUM) Shares?
Published at Jul 21, 2022 by Yahoo Finance
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Humana (NYSE:HUM) PT Set at $548.00 by Credit Suisse Group
Published at Jul 21, 2022 by ETF Daily News
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How the price action of Humana (HUM) is used to our Advantage
Published at Jul 20, 2022 by news.stocktradersdaily

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