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Since 2022
🌐 Discover Formi: Pioneering Data-Driven Experience Management At Formi, we're redefining the experience industry with our innovative, data-centric approach. Our mission? To empower venues in crafting memorable experiences that fuel customer loyalty and drive business growth. 💼 Who We Are: Formi stands at the forefront as a dynamic data infrastructure platform. We specialise in gathering critical insights across the customer journey. From hassle-free event bookings to meaningful post-event interactions, our technology unlocks the secrets to customer preferences, enabling venues to customise their services with precision. 🚀 What We Deliver: - Data Mastery: Centralised data management capturing customer behaviors and trends. This empowers venues to make savvy decisions and sculpt marketing strategies that hit the mark. - Engagement Tools: Utilise our suite of engagement features, including WhatsApp broadcasting and influencer tracking, to maintain a buzz around your events. - Effortless Automation: Streamline your operations with our automated systems, freeing you to focus on crafting top-tier customer experiences. 🏆 Why Choose Formi: - Boost Customer Retention: We're experts in forging deeper venue-audience bonds, enhancing repeat visits and loyalty. - Optimise Marketing Spend: Leverage real-time data for impactful, cost-effective marketing. - Seamless Experiences: From entry to exit, our solutions guarantee a smooth, memorable journey for your customers. - Data Empowerment: Equipping every team member, from the hostess to the manager, with data-driven tools for enhanced performance. Transform your venue with Formi!




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