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11-50 employees
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Since 2018
Aptus.AI is shaping knowledge, by making legal information digitally accessible. We optimize compliance to transform it into a competitive advantage, exploiting our proprietary AI technology that creates a machine readable version of legal documents, by integrating cutting-edge AI techniques with an homogeneous legal standard. This innovative electronic and standard format offers both an interactive access to legal data and an AI-powered automated analysis on regulations, thus providing humans with accurate and augmented information in a reasonable time. Aptus.AI’s machine readable format is applied to Italian and European financial regulations within Daitomic, an innovative RegTech solution that provides streamlined impact analysis, regulatory trends recognition and more. In fact this SaaS is automatically updated in real-time on regulatory changes and notifies them to users, thus allowing compliance professionals to make faster and more confident decisions, make proactive strategies and also to anticipate business opportunities through compliance. With Daitomic, Aptus.AI is bridging the gap between humans and financial regulations, aiming to create real regulatory accessibility both for companies and citizens, on the road to revolutionize the way people and machines interact with any law.




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