COD Warzone is Broken: Here Are 2 Reasons Whyby@jackboreham
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COD Warzone is Broken: Here Are 2 Reasons Why

by Jack BorehamMarch 7th, 2021
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COD Warzone is broken, due to a multitude of hackers and frequent game-breaking glitches.

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COD Warzone is the most famous battle royale game on the planet. Despite its popularity, the game has come under intense criticism regarding how broken it is.

But why is it broken? In this article, I will go into two of the major reasons why people are becoming fed up with Activision's FPS battle royale.

1. Hackers are Breaking the Warzone 

Cod Warzone is a broken game with thousands of players hacking the game everyday.

Over 300,000 hackers have been banned from the game over its lifecycle.

Activision, the developers behind COD Warzone, banned 60,000 people in the latest ban surge a few months ago. The magnitude of people hacking the game is becoming game-breaking.

Recently I jumped into the Warzone and surprisingly got to the final circle of the battle royale. However, my victory was taken from me by a hacker using what is known as the Stim Glitch.

The Stim Glitch is a hack whereby a player can use unlimited health stims to prevent death. 

Players use this hack to win the battle royale by constantly using health stims to avoid dying while being in gas zones. 

The Stim Glitch is a game-breaking hack that allows a player to win easily. However, this is not the only hack players use to break the Warzone.

Other hacks include wall hacks, allowing players to shoot through walls and aimbot, enabling players never to miss a shot.

The number of players using these hacks is astonishing and is not a one-off. In a single gaming session in the Warzone, you will likely come across multiple hackers. Thus, Activision faces a significant hacker problem and needs to act fast to stop fans from leaving the game.

Recently acclaimed streamer Vikkstar quit COD Warzone, due to his frustrations with players hacking the game. He is one of many high-profile players who have left the game over the last few months.  

Vikkstar argues that hacks are breaking the game with a large percentage of the player base using them, with some players even live streaming how to use and implement hacks.

In short, if high-profile players are leaving the game due to game-breaking hacks, it is likely many more high-profile and regular players will leave the game in the future if these issues are not resolved. COD Warzone may lose its player base and fan base with popular players moving over to other games.

2. The Warzone’s Glitches are Also a Problem 

Aside from hackers, Warzone has game-breaking glitches. Recently, my character got stuck behind one of the game's many buy stations, effectively making my character immobile for most of the game. 

Glitches within the game are a frequent occurrence and they vary. For example, loadout drops in the sea, common connectivity issues such as being kicked out of a game session, and loot glitched through other objects, making them unobtainable. Likewise, COD Warzone also has glitches with in-game party chat and a number of other core gameplay features.

Stuck behind buy station

Recently, a brand new redeployment glitch has been an issue on Warzone's Rebirth Island. The redeployment glitch is a glitch whereby players can never redeploy but are still registered as active players in the game. Thus, resulting in an instant win for these glitched players. Likewise, players have started to encounter invisibility glitches allowing other players to glitch into walls, making them invincible. In short, the sheer quantity of glitches is making the Warzone unplayable.

Final Thoughts on COD Warzone

Unfortunately, Warzone is becoming a victim of its success. The game's popularity has led to many people hacking the game and has become susceptible to game-breaking glitches due to the sheer number of people playing it. 

Activision seems to be crumbling under these game-breaking issues but hopefully will manage to get on top of them soon. Players are becoming frustrated due to game-breaking hacks and glitches ruining their gameplay experience. 

Let's hope Activision resolves these issues soon; otherwise, it may lose its player base. 

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