Climatecoin: Making Carbon Credit Trading Accessible On The Blockchain

Information About Climate Coin

Ever since the signing of the Kyoto protocol in 1997, countries have started limiting the amount of greenhouse gases they produce each year. One way they have done that has been through the establishment of Emissions Trading Schemes (ETS) around the world where industries in certain regions are required to participate. This sets a price per metric ton that it costs to produce greenhouse gases (GHG) beyond a predetermined cap, as participants are forced to buy offsets. It has also led to a voluntary market where individuals and companies can buy carbon offsets to limit their own carbon footprint. The money used to buy offsets goes to projects that reduce GHG emissions in one way or another. The Kyoto protocol established the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which validates and measures projects to ensure they produce authentic benefits. Qualified projects are certified CDM Gold Standard.

There are many types of carbon credits that are CDM Gold Standard certified, including Voluntary Emissions Reductions (VER), Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), Certified Emissions Reductions (CER), United Nations Program on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (UN-REDD) and, with the implementation of the Paris agreement, the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA). So far this market has been fractured and regional, but Climatecoin are proposing to change that by making carbon credits tradable in a uniform denomination. They will do this by building a Trading Portal for tokenized carbon credits. Corporations and individuals will be able to buy tokens with different types of carbon credits “stapled” to the token through a smart contract. This will create a central for both individuals and corporations to be able to buy the carbon credits they desire to reduce their own carbon footprint, using the new coin CO2 launched by Climatecoin. Climatecoin have also announced a strategic agreement with the Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) whereby CO2 is the only crypto currency accepted on the CTX Global Exchange, the world’s first global electronic exchange for carbon credits.

Coin Name : Climatecoin (CO2)

Total Supply : 500 Million

Ico Price : 210 CO2 = 1 ETH

Investing in qualified sustainable projects

Any project that meets the CDM Gold Standard will be able to create their own tokens, with their carbon credit attached. These tokens will be issued within a eToken1 smart contract, linking it to the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are also EIP20 compatible to ensure smooth integration to exchanges. This way the producers of carbon credits can sell them directly to interested buyers, using


65% of the proceeds from the ICO of CO2 will go to building the Trading Portal and investing in CDM Gold Standard certified projects and help them launch tokens on the platform. A further 15% will be held in reserve for future investments and market support. Outside auditors will provide the due diligence of projects before any investment occurs, with remaining funds held in cold storage with Bitcoin Suisse. Any profits made by Climatecoin throught issuing CO2 will go to funding more qualified projects, thus ensuring more liquidity for the platform.

By providing the multitude of EMTs globally a central platform to issue tokens on, denominated in a crypto currency which also gives the holder access to the CTX, will allow corporation to quickly and efficiently fulfill their obligations under their own carbon reduction programs. It also gives individuals the ability to trade in and out of carbon credit positions, providing liquidity to the market. The aim is for this to emerge as a central platform where capital is efficiently distributed from those needing to buy carbon offsets, to worthy projects looking for funding. If it does, the demand for CO2 will be strong.

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