Chat live with the characters from “Silicon Valley” show on Luka by@ekuyda

Chat live with the characters from “Silicon Valley” show on Luka

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What makes you you? What makes your friends know immediately that it’s you texting them and not someone else? It’s not just things you say — it’s the choice of words, the length of the sentences, whether you send short texts in a row or one long message, the emotion that can be sensed in your words.

One of the reasons we started Luka was a desire to create an AI with personality. A huge part of our experiments with neural networks was to learn how to recreate it.

Today we are launching AI bots that will allow you to have a conversation with the characters of “Silicon Valley” show (its season 3 is premiering tonight): the incubator owner Erlich Bachmann, Russ “3 commas” Hanneman and Pied Piper founder Richard Hendricks.


“I hate it when I have to spell billion with an M” — Russ

They are all powered by a neural network dialogue model that we developed here at Luka. We trained our deep neural network to understand the sense of sentences and generate the most relevant responses based on subtitles and tweets.


We picked these three because we love the show, but actually they were harder to recreate than other celebrities — mainly for a very small amount of available data. Everything that Russ Hanneman (Pied Piper investor) tweeted and said on the show only comes to a little over a thousand lines — and we were still able to recreate his personality. Think about those who tweet, speak and write every day — their AIs will be significantly more powerful.

These bots are our first steps exploring personality as part of conversational AI. We are working on features that will allow AI to evolve more in conversations with people. You will be able to help AI develop the features you like, teach it facts you want it to know, it will pick up your style and your emotions better.

There has been a lot happening around bots recently -but most of them don’t even understand natural language. We, on the other hand, can’t wait to see what is the true power of a conversation. Or, as CEO of Hooli once said, “I don’t know about you people, but I don’t want to live in a world where someone else makes the world a better place better than we do”.

Talk to Erlich, Russ and Richard AIs here and write us what you think!


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