chango - the cryptocurrency payment app of the future by@Chango_App
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chango - the cryptocurrency payment app of the future

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the cryptocurrency payment app of the future

The best solutions come from figuring out a response to a simple need. Such as? A group of developers discovered the need to be able to request payment via cryptocurrency by doing something developers, any many other people, do every single day: ordering food to be delivered to the office!

Each time they ordered food, someone got stuck with the bill and had to go around to each person and request their share of the funds. A few of the group were already crypto-enthusiasts and it occurred to them that it would be ideal to have a way to pay each person quickly and easily, in cryptocurrency.

As the saying goes:

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Up until now, there was no app on the market that would allow friends and family members to request funds from one another, in cryptocurrency. What does exist is clunky and difficult to manage, with no tracking of payments and the need to add clunky public keys with every transaction.

chango is changing all that.

WHAT is chango?

It’s the cryptocurrency payment app of the future. With a couple of keystrokes, you can send or request funds from friends and family, anywhere in the world, instantly and in complete safety. All transactions are processed decentrally, on the blockchain, secure and trustless.

The exchange of currency has grown beyond being an institutional investment. It is a process that needs to be made simple and easy for individuals to engage in every day financial transactions. chango is the key.

WHO are the people behind chango?

elunic — of which chango is a subsidiary — is a tech innovator, having completed over 1.8 thousand projects in the last 15 years. Employing over 50 people and satisfying over 700 customers in that time, elunic is a force to reckon with in the digital arena.

It’s their iterative software design process that makes all the difference in delivering projects efficiently and successfully. They can move from requirements gathering to the development / designing / testing phase within days, delivering focused scope projects within a week for select deployment and feedback. It’s a process that would take an organization using standard software development processes months to accomplish.

The chango team itself is made up of a few great minds, including self-declared crypto-enthusiasts, who have been involved in the crypto-space for years. With cumulative backgrounds totalling 150 years of experience in technology, they bring unprecedented knowledge and a passion to this area of development.


First pizza paid with #chango

HOW is chango unique?

Right now, with most cryptocurrency apps, you have to enter a long public key in order to send money to others. That’s a huge hassle for getting financial transactions done between friends and family, quickly and easily.

Further, instead of being a real two-way exchange, there is no way on most apps to request funds from other people.

chango is changing all of that.

The initial launch of chango will include:

  • The ability to send and request funds from an in-app contact list, quickly and easily.
  • Manage the contact list easily with just a name and add custom contacts public keys.
  • Transact without entering 34 digit public keys each time: just enter an amount, a recipient and hit send!
  • Share your Chango-ID with your friends through WhatsApp, Messenger and more.

Built on the Request Network with Ethereum, chango is set to make digital financial transactions as simple as sending an email!


First chango prototype

Where is chango going next?

Of course, a company based on fast iterative design processes wouldn’t stay still for long! To make chango the ‘go to’ app for cryptocurrency spending and sharing, the developers have some great plans going forward:

  • Fingerprint, as well as decentralized, authentication.
  • Importing contact lists into the app and identifying existing chango users.
  • Multi-currency support, allowing the use of different cryptocurrencies.
  • Contactless fiat payments, to make shopping more widely a possibility through the app.
  • Group payments — making those ubiquitous delivery orders to the office that much easier for everyone!

The chango mission is simple: “Establish a P2P payment app to push crypto adoption”. Now, watch while they get it done! It’s a brave new world in the financial currency sphere and chango is going to be on the forefront, delivering a user friendly, robust app that makes sending and receiving cryptocurrency as easy as 1–2–3.



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