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Central Asian's First AI News Anchor Aired Kazakhstan

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@assel_tiyesAssel Tiyes

The first virtual news anchor on Central Asian television replaced a
human. Kazakhstan’s channel Atameken Business delegated one of its news programs to the AI anchor. The hologram named i-Sanj will host the daily financial news.

Prior to the creation of the digital anchor, local developers together with
the entire team of Atameken Business Media Holding produced an extensive preparatory work. Notably, the ambitious project was implemented by the Kazakh IT-firm. Before the launch of i-Sanj, the CEO of
the channel, Kanat Sahariya, observed that the appearance of the virtual host is the new reality of today. At the same time the team behind the innovative project believes that the intellectual content of Bloomberg must be delivered by the hi-tech characters. It will allow for the mistake-free and swift news broadcasting powered by the AI technology. However, he is yet to learn how to deliver thw whole spectrum of realistic emotions, so human-hosts have their jobs secured.

Central Asia’s first AI news anchor had been made in the image of Kazakh
actor named Sanjar Madi, hence, the name i-Sanj. The digital clone of the local superstar made he’s debut in Instagram, where he challenged his colleagues. Whether or not his threats are backed, the viewers will be able to decide during Atameken Business’s news program The Daily Format. Starting from 19th of February i-Sanj ends the show with Bloomberg financial news.


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