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Build IoT Apps with Best Industrial IOT Development company

by JonathanSeptember 4th, 2018
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<strong><em>“The Global Market value of IoT is expected to skyrocket around $561.04 Billion USD by&nbsp;2022”!</em></strong>
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“The Global Market value of IoT is expected to skyrocket around $561.04 Billion USD by 2022”!

“The every aspect of living is simply transfiguring virtually into a Modern life.” It’s not quite surprising that the network, sensors and devices are collectively parallel to contrive Connected Devices independently without the involvement of humans — IoT. The promising stats and accomplishments of Industrial solution combined with IoT are the reasons beyond in enticing aspiring professionals to hop on connected applications. Needless to say, every enterprise focuses on developing IoT-based internal business to transform the entire system into a connected environment. This demand over IoT applications drives to arise several IoT Development companies which urged themselves to offer solutions based on IoT applications.

Partnering with the Right Connected Environment:

The Entire IoT App development market is crowded with tons of services providers, partnering with a reputed IoT application development service provider and having the capability to proffer IoT solutions to a diverse industry would be the fair idea to ignite IoT App Development Projects. Introducing Contus — a top-tier IoT Web/Mobile application development company having insightful experience in delivering intuitive and high performing applications to some global business giants.

Apart from the Industrial Benefits that Internet of Things possesses, why you really need an IoT Mobile and Web application?

A reliable and intuitive IoT mobile application is purely developed for the convenience of Customers to communicate for an effective work-flow. On the other hand, IoT web application hold for authentic customization of the dashboards for a wide array of purposes that used for monitoring the individual mobile apps, acts a database and also to aggrandize the market research for greater profits.

Role of Contus in Reshaping IoT-based Applications for Diverse Industries:

  • IoT for Healthcare Industry
  • IoT for Smart Homes
  • IoT for Manufacturing Industry
  • IoT for Automobile
  • IoT for Energy
  • IoT for Retail

Revolutionizing the Modern Healthcare

Diagnosis of Chronic Disease & Medical Assistance: Combination with wearables and next-gen analytical technologies that helps in detecting the recurring disease through the connected devices. With the help of mobility solutions and IoT-based devices, distribution of drugs based on patient’s prescription to reduce the patient’s expenses.

End-to-end Monitoring: An intelligent connected device helps to monitor the movements and status of the patients to alert during the disorder of the patterns through IoT remote health monitoring application. The major trait of the system is to minimize the transportation of patients and magnify patient’s quality of living.

Inventory and Security System: The utmost thing to be concerned of any medical facility with functionalities to track the assets of staff, Drugs and hardware. Through real-time location monitoring system to facilitate the tracking of day-to-today activities in the medical industry.

These are few drops of applications in the ice bag of use cases in the IoT development in healthcare Industry.

Redefining the Automotive Industry

Vehicle Diagnosis & Driver Behavior: Empowering the safety of drivers and efficiency of the wheels, most of the automotive IoT companies urge to contrive technologies combined wit IoT which has the potentiality to collect and derive collective data from the sensors. The system enables to abstract insightful movements of the driver’s behavior, vehicle speeding and idling with a complete diagnosis for a better performance.

Fleet Tracking & Monitoring: The Internet of Things telematics have a great compatibility in offering end-to-end connectivity in a more effective way to manage and communicate the fleet. The IoT enabled sensors offer a complete load management access, effective route tracking and analyzing and some advanced applications such as Weather API’s, Smart Parking etc.

Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry Through IoT

Inventory Management: Streamlining the entire supply chain of the manufacturing field through the IoT applications allows to track and get traced of the assets globally on a real-time within a dashboard. It also assists in providing access to the managers and significant employees into the inventories across the platforms.

Predictive Maintenance: The modern IoT-based preventive maintenance technology offers an end-to-end analytical information of the run-to-failure which has been an unplanned downtime and provides complete advisory on the solution to be carried on the operation.

Redrawing the Retail Industry through Connected Applications

Shopper Mapping: Through camera images followed by the sensors placed in the entire shop assist in mapping high traffic rates by delivering insights on the value of the products. This IoT enabled sensors helps retailers through enhancing the position of the items for sale and banish empty space.

Digital Signage: One of the most revolutionized IoT digital device influences the shoppers to make an in-store shopping through digital boards. This platform includes logical thinking where the IoT plays the key act in making a rational decision that facilitates customers to shop on the expected product in a comfort zone that in return shapes as a worthy shopping experience.

IoT Transfigures the Way of Living — Smart Homes

Rebuilding homes according to the consumer expectation are the utter-most comfort zone that every project is targeted. Combination of IoT enabled devices to offer home-automated connectivity through the application. Some of the wide array of IoT applications that benefits; Smart Home Appliances, Betterment of Infotainment delivery, Reliable Smart Locks, High-end Security and Smart Switches.

Refreshing the Efficiency of Smart Energy Through Internet of Things

The Connectivity lies as the major object of communicating with the external devices, a smart grid embedded with IoT sensors would help in understanding the weather forecast to predict the electricity demand. A sensory IoT device is connected with the building in order to diminish the strain concluded to communicate over the connected device to effectively use the energy source.

Actions to Make Your Choices

The adoption of the Internet of Things within all Industries will definitely magnify the effectiveness over the competition. In relevance to the best IoT development service providers, Contus IoT has been the global cardinal of providing connected devices to some world’s renowned automobile manufacturers and other industries. The greatest exploit that Contus IoT holds, the technology up-gradation for further customization in the IoT mobile and Web applications. Contus iot development team is expertise with advanced technologies that are practiced in the world market to bring the exemplary IoT application that triggers your revenue.