Bringing the World Together with AIby@init_27
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Bringing the World Together with AI

by Sanyam BhutaniJanuary 15th, 2018
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A month ago, I read the AI Saturdays tagline

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You can find me on Twitter @bhutanisanyam1, connect with me on Linkedin here

A month ago, I read the AI Saturdays tagline

Totally free for anyone to attend, aimed at getting you to kickass in AI!

AI Saturdays is a community being built by, where people across the globe would meet every Saturday in their cities and follow AI Learning courses together.

Courses on:

Being a Deep learning Geek, I decided to jump on board right away and volunteered to be an Ambassador in one city to organise the meetups and later I volunteered to help mentor the online community with their doubts as an AI Geek Leader.

The founder of the community, Yap Jia Qing was very humble and welcoming, the courses that they were following (check their website) overlapped my interests. I felt right at my Lab (Or home, whichever you prefer)!

Over the 1 and a half month, AI Saturdays today has grown to a whooping community of 3800+ Members. People from different cities, different cultures and spread across different time zones.

All united by same thing: A Path to learning AI.

This was an amazing experience to have: AI Saturday as a community silently united everyone under the AI Banner.

In the 1 month of hanging out at the community discussions, I have met really awesome people from across the globe. Professionals, hobbyists, Nerds, People having non-technical background, People from different age groups, Different nations, Different cultures. We all speak one common language: Code. We all are attracted like moths to the AI Lightbulb and Thanks to the founders, we all share their help and grow together atitude.

Meetups from different cities

We have Superstar mentors from Singapore, helping enthusiasts from Kathmandu while someone from Lagos would also comment and help debug code, what else is a true community experience?

We all share the same enthusiasm to learn

We all want to become kickass in AI.

We all are geeks who spend their Saturdays Learning.

If this excites you, I invite you to join our community. If your city doesn't have our meet ups; I invite you to step us a City Ambassador.

Finally, I invite you to unite every learning enthusiast who is not fortunate to learn from Top of The Class Universities, Or the Best Learning resources online because they are paid. Come, join us at AI Saturdays where I mentor geeks like Myself, and Let’s become Kickass AI Practitioners Together. I’m truly humbled and happy to be part of an amazing community of people who are passionate about artificial intelligence.

You can find me on Twitter @bhutanisanyam1, connect with me on Linkedin here

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