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10 Security Products to Protect Your Smart Home

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@lanadates001Lana Dates

Lana Dates is a 30 year girl Founder of Techriyo & Digital Marketer.

In your smart home, you must have equipped lots of smart devices that streamline your life. At first glance, it seems attractive that your smart home provides tons of benefits. But, have you thought about its security? Without securing your smart home, it is not possible to attain its benefits for the long-term. Therefore, you need to invest in certain decent quality security products that can protect your smart home. They are capable to save your time and money. They only focus on providing exceptional security to your smart home. Let’s take a look at these useful security products:

#1 CCTV Camera:

When it comes to the IP Security Camera, you can easily estimate how much security it provides to the surrounding space. The Closed-circuit television (CCTV) (alternatively recognized as video surveillance) utilize video cameras to send over a signal to a particular place. For the purpose of security of your smart home, this camera is capable of pulling out application-specific information directly from the captured images. Moreover, it displays the generating event descriptions or makes decisions that are used in an automated system. Basically, this type of camera contains an image sensor that senses any chances of insecurity.

#2 Smoke Detector:

It is essential to make sure your smart home always stays protected against fire and other hazards. Therefore, a smoke alarm informs you that there is the presence of a fire nearby. Once properly installed and driven up, you can easily download the relevant app as well as wirelessly connect to the device. Subsequently, when the alarm turns off, you will get an audio alert. Several smoke detectors contain helpful voice instructions so that your smartphone can also inform what the problem is. There would be no more hunting down the midnight chirps.

#3 Door Reinforcement Lock:

In simple terms, the door reinforcement lock avoids doors from getting kicked in. It increases your smart home security and makes sure your family stays safe. Protecting your front door reduces the odds of robber breaking and entering. With the implemented anti-lock smart feature in this kind of lock, it fully protects your smart home. Moreover, the windows nearby the door will be equipped with safety films to fully protect them against breaking.

#4 Door Security Bar:

The Door Security Bar offers an extra and effective layer of home security. Generally, the experienced thieves are capable to break all types of door locks. With the use of a decent quality door security bar, you and your property will stay protected. Most of these security bars are adjustable so you can utilize them to fully secure most kinds of doors. Moreover, they are easy to use and can be easily lifted/removed whenever required. Some of these bars come with an installed alarm to offer an extra level of security.

#5 Intercome System:

An intercom system in simple terms is a two-way communication electronic device consisting of circuitry. This circuitry is extensively used for the purpose of transmission and reception of audio/video transmissions. For the protection of your smart home, there is a wide range of two-way wireless communication devices. They include devices like wireless callboxes, portable radios, and traditional desktop devices.

The range of signal transmission varies extensively depending on the implemented wireless technology. The corresponding system facilitates confidential unit-to-unit communications. Alternatively, you can make use of a single unit for simultaneously broadcasting a message to all other boxes.

#6 Video Doorbell:

The video doorbell is highly effective at ensuring the comprehensive security of your smart home. Its operation trigger whenever the visitor presses the button on its surface. Alternatively, its operation is triggered whenever the doorbell detects a visitor with its incorporated motion sensors. It is known that these video doorbells allow the homeowners to make use of a smartphone app for watching and communicating with visitors. This is made possible with the incorporated HD infrared camera as well as a microphone. Few of these doorbells enable the user to remotely open the door with the use of a smart lock.

#7 Driveway Alarm:

Driveway alarms are generally known as the wireless electronic devices capable to notify you whenever there is a movement noticed on your driveway. Few of these alarm models are specially designed to detect animals, people, animals, vehicle or all three of them. The greatest benefit is safety. You will be instantly notified whenever an unexpected visitor drags on your driveway or somebody is attempting to intrude on your property. Their configuration includes 2 key components i.e. one transmitter and one receiver. The included transmitter generally operates on batteries and it is positioned hidden somewhere. On the other hand, the receiver is placed in your home and then plugged into an electrical outlet.

#8 Air Purifiers:

An air purifier is alternatively known as an air cleaner. It is a device that effectively removes contaminants from your air in a room. As a result, indoor air quality is improved. In your smart home, you can equip air purifiers to reduce the chances of smoke and allergies. Therefore, asthma patients will be benefitted a lot. The smart air purifiers present all necessary information. They enable you to exactly track and regulate the air quality in your home.

#9 Gun Safe:

A gun safe is generally known to be safe for single or multiple firearms. They are also found safe for bullets for those guns. Generally, gun safes are used to avoid unauthorized access or prevent unqualified persons from entering inside. Moreover, they provide burglary protection and they are capable to protect the contents inside against fire, flood or natural disaster.

There is the implementation of gun safety technology that avoids them from getting fired by anybody else than an authorized user(s). The gun safe owns the potential to avoid deaths and injuries, particularly those because of suicide, unintentional shootings, and gun thefts. Some gun safe units come equipped with biometric fingerprint-access technology to prevent unauthorized access.

#10 Portable Generators:

You might use the Portable Genetors for a tailgate party or to drive tools on a job site. However, the typical reason people use a portable generator to soften the force of a power outage. A portable generator that is connected to a smart home’s wiring or electrically plugged in a household outlet can lead to back feeding across the power lines. For a smart home, a portable generator is a decent power solution if you do not intend to make an investment in a standby generator.


Some devices in your smart home may not be built with security in mind. So, you can try out any of these security products to ensure the complete safety of your smart home.


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