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BlockDegree Launches New Online Certification Course on Blockchain Wallets

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Blockdegree.org is an online blockchain course + certification platform on XinFin XDC Hybrid Blockchain Network.

BlockDegree launches a certification program on ‘Blockchain Wallets’, adding to its collection of online courseware, alongside Cloud Computing and Blockchain for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

BlockDegree’s latest courseware aims to garner awareness, education, and proficiency regarding the technological and security aspects of blockchain-based digital wallets.

The XinFin-powered edTech platform, BlockDegree, recognized by the US Education Blockchain Action Network, has launched its latest online courseware for students and enthusiasts, namely the Blockchain Wallet Course.


Blockchain Wallet Course: Curriculum & Overview

  • What is Blockchain Wallet and How Does it Work?
  • Why Use a Blockchain Wallet?
  • What is a Blockchain Wallet?
  • How Do Blockchain Wallets Work?
  • Types of Blockchain Wallets
  • Blockchain Wallets: A Comparison
  • How to Protect Your Private Keys?
  • Case Studies

As is clear from the course’s curriculum, it provides learners an in-depth understanding of what blockchain wallets are, how they work, their different types, and some real-world use-cases studies relating to this subject.

Leveraging the public-private hybrid XinFin Digital Contract (XDC) Network, learners at BlockDegree will receive an immutable, blockchain-hosted digital certificate upon successfully completing the course.


Access to the complete courseware is free-of-cost, but to acquire the certificate and to store it on XDC, learners will have to bear a minimal price of USD 9.99 as storage and transaction fee. To make this payment, they can either use fiat currencies through PayPal or XinFin’s native crypto-asset, namely the XDC token.

As the first full-fledged edTech solution on the XDC Network, BlockDegree is perpetually committed to supporting and strengthening the network’s value. Upon receiving payments in XDC tokens, BlockDegree is burning a part of these payments, by sending tokens to a pre-defined and inaccessible account, thereby effectively removing them from circulation forever.

About BlockDegree

BlockDegree is a booming edTech platform, incubated under the XinFin Fintech PTE Ltd. and powered by the XinFin (XDC) Network. At the time of writing, the platform has over 8000 active users and offers open-access online courseware on Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and so on.

Further, BlockDegree also offers a paid service of providing blockchain-based and tamper-proof digital certificates for the aforementioned courses. Payments on BlockDegree can be made using XDC tokens, available on various liquid markets, as listed on CoinMarketCap. Additionally, learners can also pay in fiat through PayPal.

Lastly, as an entity recognized by the US Education Blockchain Action Network and SkillsFuture Singapore, BlockDegree invites ‘Campus Ambassadors’ to join the mission of bringing better education to millions globally. To become a Campus Ambassador for BlockDegree, click here.

Twitter: @Blockdegree_org

Website: www.blockdegree.org

This press release was also published on: https://www.openpr.com/news/2247949/blockdegree-launches-new-online-certification-course

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by Blockdegree @blockdegree. Blockdegree.org is an online blockchain course + certification platform on XinFin XDC Hybrid Blockchain Network.Read my stories


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