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Blockchain For Peace — Law & Governance Hackathon

Blockchain for Peace is a community resource center for social entrepreneurs, researchers, and impact investors to create an open-source knowledge library.

Where do coders, designers, and academics go to unleash their best ideas and push the limits of their creativity and intelligence? At hackathons hundreds of people form teams to give birth to ideas in only 24 hours before presenting their creations to a panel of judges to win prizes. We’re excited to announce the dopest hackathon of the year, Blockchain for Peace’s “Law & Governance” hack at Bushwick Generator on July 27–29th. It will be co-hosted by Peace Accelerators, Stanford University, and Bushwick Blockchain Alliance, taking place two blocks from ConsenSys headquarters in the heart of NYC’s blockchain community.

Signup now on Eventbrite and join the Blockchain for Peace slack.

Participants can:

  • Contribute code, docs, or designs to one of our featured open-source projects
  • Code their own app from scratch
  • Design a new judicial or governance model using blockchain and write a whitepaper

Prize Categories: 
Whether you build an app or write a whitepaper all submissions are reviewed together by category. Great ideas and hard work look the same no matter the end product.

Best Solution Design — Well thought out, detailed, practical, and with a sustainable business model.

Most Social Impact — The team who creates the most impactful solution according to the UN’s SDGs.

Code Bounties — All hackers can win prizes through Gitcoin bounties. Compete to solve code challenges for open-source projects like uPort, the best and fastest are immediately rewarded with ETH. Please set up your Gitcoin account in advance.

Hack Ideas:

  • Design a DAO for the local Bushwick community.
  • Design holocratic self-organizing organizations influenced by biomimicry
  • Integrate TCRs into legal process for voting, bill proposition, and liquid democracy.

Further reading: 
Dubai’s blockchain government program, decentralized organizations with Aragon , Holocracies and how they work, sample holocratic organization documents

What you can expect:

  • Celebrating people, governments, and companies who are creating positive impact.
  • Delicious, healthy food.
  • Creating real change and raising awareness of both local and global issues.
  • Building future solutions and leading global innovation.
  • Fun new friends and business connections.

You can have a team of up to 10 people. We suggest a ratio of 40% devs, 40% designers, 20% legal professionals so you can make the best product possible.

What is Blockchain for Peace: 
Started by Peace Accelerators and Stanford’s Peace Innovation Lab to unite and align the international peace movement, Blockchain for Peace is a global community resource center for social entrepreneurs, researchers, and impact investors focused on blockchain. For inquiries about Blockchain for Peace or the hackathon please send us an email or follow us on Slack, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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