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Blockchain Cup Hackathon

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Anton Cherkasov, CEO Aworker

On April 21–22 we went to the Saint Petersburg with Aworker HR partner Mikhail Barkov to assess the projects on the Blockchain Cup Hackathon.


In addition to the speeches of experts who shared their knowledge in the blockchain industry, there was a competition of projects. The event sponsors provided participants with their own cases, which were directly related to the current tasks and projects of the companies. The task of the participants was to disassemble the input data and perform the task set in the case. Already on the first day of the hackathon, the participants teamed up and started developing their own projects on the blockchain technology.

There were 15 team of talented developers who attempted to finish tasks on one of the five topics. We were the leaders in Blockchain in HR category which had three teams of young tech professionals.


These teams had to develop the system of employees’ assessment by their professional skills and competencies. Participants had only 24 hours to create a solution and get ready for presentation in front of the judges.

On Saturday I also gave a speech about the future of the recruitment industry after blockchain technology implementation.



Within 30 hours, the teams worked hard to develop their own solutions for the tasks set by the sponsors of the event. The organizers provided the teams with comfortable conditions for performing such complex tasks: round-the-clock access to the workspace, Internet and food. Sunday was the day of the results. Two of the three teams finished our task successfully, but one of them impressed us the most, it was the team from Mozhaysk. From the Aworker team, we would like to thank all the participants of Hackathon.

I would like to thank organizers for the event, and I’d like to congratulate the winners and all participants, you all did great!

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