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Black Mirror Tech IRL: Hacker Noon Writers on What’s Worrying in 2021

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@natashaNatasha Nel

👋 I'm the Managing Editor here at Hacker Noon. I also make podcasts and write stories.

I asked 7 Top Hacker Noon Contributors to weigh in with their scariest tech predictions for 2021 — expect a 9-minute American Horror Story anthology on everything from AI and Privacy to the internet’s impact on the planet.


  • (01:00) Ryan Dawson on how much data we’re giving away without realizing it;
  • (01:45) Matt Klein on ubiquitous tech and resulting and related content overproduction; 
  • (03:30) Aditi Bhatnagar on what our collective data is being used for; 
  • (04:40) Vladimiros Peilivanidis on the next wave of intelligence being designed by us lowly humans; 
  • (05:10) Gajesh Naik on AI and automation stealing iterative jobs; 
  • (05:50) Sharmistha Chatterjee on whether or not your industry’s advancing faster than you are; 
  • And at (07:40) Melinda LB Lewis on the internet’s impact on our planet

The good news? The solutions to these problems and more are all somewhere on hackernoon.com right now. (Probably.)



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