Best Smart Speakers Of 2019: Which One Should You Opt For? by@mahiljasani
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Best Smart Speakers Of 2019: Which One Should You Opt For?

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There are dozens of smart speakers in the market. The more the varieties of the brand the more the confusion for choosing the best smart speaker among them.

Especially, Google home vs alexa is a hot debate among the other voice assistants.

If your mind is flooded with these kinds of questions:

Which one has the best music quality?

Which should I buy for seamless communication?

Is it worth to buy touch screen smart speaker?

In this article, we will talk about the much talked best smart speakers that are revolutionizing the way we communicate.

In addition, it has also pushed common people and business to incorporate IoT based solution in their home and businesses.

Does Amazon Alexa have the Best Smart Speakers?

With the innumerable smart speakers in the market, Alexa has taken lead over any other speakers in the smart speaker market.

But is it necessary that all the speakers fulfill the purpose according to users need?

Amazon Speakers:

· Amazon echo dot

· Amazon Echo (second Gen)

· Amazon Echo plus

· Echo show

· Fire TV cube

· Amazon Echo spot

Among them, there are speakers that are useful for varying need of use. For example; parties, home, etc.

Best Smart Display

Amazon Echo Show (2nd gen)


The speaker comes with a 10-inch full-size screen. You can control the whole speaker through voice command but to see which song is playing on pause the audio, skip to the next song, or even check the lyrics, through the screen.

Want to see the Amazon prime video or daily briefings video?

Amazon Echo show is for you.

One of the best reasons to use this Smart speaker is its usefulness than third-party Alexa speakers because it can call and connect with amazons other echo speakers.

Top Mini Speaker

Google Home Mini


When it comes to the range of the smart speakers Google is the only company that is giving tough competition to the Amazon in top smart speaker.

If you don’t have a soft corner for music then this speaker might interest you. Compact, simple but very efficient in what it does best.

When it comes to performance among small speakers Google home mini takes his place ahead of Amazon’s echo dot due to its smart home compatibility.

The speaker tells you the weather, play white noise for you, answer you the random questions, and has more contextual awareness than Amazon’s echo dot.

The compatibility lets you allow placing it in any of the room, so easy to move from place to place.

What is Best For the Party?

Google Home Max


If you are in the hunt for a powerful speaker that fill your big room or terrace with its range then we would suggest you go for Google Home Max.

Loudness and bass are the USP of Home Max, thanks to its dual 4.5-inch woofers. The touchpad volume controls perform well and the magnetic pad on the bottom helps the speaker from sliding around.

Isn’t it great that Max automatically adjusts the sound according to the acoustic properties of the room you are in?

The max can get louder as the SONO Play, however, it’s not quite clean and balanced as Sonos but it is unmatched among voice controller options.

Top Smart Soundbar

Sonos Beam


Sonos is a compact sound bar which is made for connecting to your TV. It is integrated with Alexa, Airplay and some Siri. Google home assistant is also about to enter in Sonos.

It can easily connect to the other Sonos speaker seamlessly. In that way, you can also add other speakers to add other surround sounds.

The Sonos is not absolute best among another soundbar on the market, but it is good enough for leaving rooms. The compact size makes it suitable for may size TVs. For example, if you own a fire TV, then beam can play movies and TV shows with voice command.

Best bedside companion

Insignia Voice


If you want an affordable smart speaker then you might want to go for Insignia Voice.

The speaker can connect to the Google Home as its normal price ranges from $25 to $40.

It has a clock on the front and you can also ask for the weather. The audio clarity is really good and it does everything you’d expect out of Google speaker.

Top Portable Speaker

JBL Link 20


The usability and convenience of the JBL link have made it one of the popular speakers among the audience.

JBL LINK 20 is waterproof and floats. It alerts you when the battery is low and how much does it leave. In addition, you can also know the wifi signal and its strength.

Pairing via Bluetooth is also easy. Basically, the speaker relies on Google assistant which works better than Alexa in some ways.

The set up is so simple and it answers questions more reliably. Moreover, its compatibility with Google maps, Spotify, Pandora, and Youtube music for streaming is the advantages over other smart speakers.

Some of the honorable mention that is also providing tough competition to the above-mentioned speakers.

Amazon Echo Plus


Not only for music but it sounds way better than any other Amazon echo’s speaker. If you want more sound then you can connect it with another plus and Echo sub.

Apple HomePod for Apple Loyalists


Well, the one and only best Smart speaker of the apple are for only those who have been with apple for a long time and don’t want to compromise on a brand.

The problem is that it only works on with Apple music and can’t control many devices like its rivals.

It costs $349 on Apple’s store.


The current time is the best time to buy any of these speakers because most of the speakers may last several years.

The way Alexa and Google are innovating new speakers, you should opt for the speaker that has compatibility with the voice assistant of Alexa and Google assistant.

What are your views on the best smart speakers?

Suggestions and comments are welcome.


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