Behind the Scenes of Publishing Startups and Noonies Winnersby@startups

Behind the Scenes of Publishing Startups and Noonies Winners

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Members of the HackerNoon team -- located in different parts of the world-- worked in unison to deliver over a thousand individualized awards to our internet family for Valentine's Day. Below is what it looks like in the final few moments (hours) before a remote team finalizes two large internet campaigns. This part of the initiative consisted of our developers deploying scripts to create individual awards and tech pages, updating the messaging on the websites, our designer making any final tweaks if needed, properly compiling/auditing email lists and CSVs, and making sure marketing copy for emails and blog posts reflected any and all final changes. It further included a last-minute audit, to make sure thousands of newly created worked as intended. Plus somehow it seems Linh managed to get a meeting in between there. Shook. The below thread has been edited to a more reader-friendly size, initially, we had about 103 replies.

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