Be an art dealer: Art & Crypto ✨ by@zudwa0tx

Be an art dealer: Art & Crypto ✨

June 23rd 2022 1,432 reads
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Mikhail Astapenko

The art world is rapidly adopting crypto and the movement has been going from strength to strength.

✨ Art ✨ is the most potent form of creative human expression, enriching the human experience. Understanding art and sharing it help with forging community values. The modern art movements have a vision that human society will develop through the spread of democracy and the “blurring” of borders.

Its goes well with crypto!

Crypto offers artists with this opportunity to own their vision, giving a tools to bring it to life.
Today we are entering a new phase that fuses art with cryptocurrencies. For artists and collectors it is critical to understand the current trends that drive the market. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that artists have been utilizing crypto to buy, sell and create art.
Art is an excellent tool for providing unforgettable crypto impressions and demonstrating usability.

Find new value in art!

There are artists who are using crypto as the subject matter and inspiration behind their creations.
As an example,
Pascal Boyart is an artist based in Paris (Twitter: @pascalboyart). Currently working on the theme of the relation between Art and money, he became passionate about cryptocurrencies and began to use them in his recent artworks. He is notably the first mural painter to affix a Bitcoin QR code to his paintings for donations. These donations are used to finance the next street art frescoes, artworks and exhibitions.
“Dripcoin Blocks Serie: Bitcoin Logo” 2018, Pascal Boyart
It’s a unique original work, available on OpenBazaar.
OpenBazaar is a peer-to-peer decentralized open source trading protocol using bitcoin (and other top cryptocurrencies) with the ability to specify prices in fiat currencies — “pseudo-anonymous trading without censorship”.
The Dripcoin Blocks series was exhibited at the collective crypto Art show Bitcoin Art (r)evolution in Sept 2018 in Paris.
This artwork authenticity is certified by Verisart and has been timestamped on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Certificate of Authenticity on the Bitcoin’s blockchain
Verisart is in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other applicable laws. Verisart uses blockchain technology to combine transparency, anonymity, and security to protect your authorship and property records. Verisart is building a new global standard for certification and verification of art.
The art world is rapidly adopting crypto and the movement has been going from strength to strength.

Mediums and art forms are always evolving,

the addition of “Crypto Vision” will contribute to that change.
Companies such as Verisart, Codex Protocol, Blockchain Art Collective, are already working on real use cases, and there are many others ✨ creating exciting solutions for the art world ✨

What is the point? Today’s possibilities of monetizing art!

How to evaluate something “ephemeral”, for example, a digital file? Digital artists are hard pressed to monetize their work. The illiquidity of the art market (the rarity with which arts enter the market) means that assessing the artists work is not an easy task. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the artist will find a buyer. Digital files have properties that are different from physical images: they can be easily copied without loss of quality and distributed on the Internet in seconds.
Blockchain will solve this problem by making the market more liquid.
One of the most significant events in the art of the blockchain-world is the ability that technology gives creators and buyers to track and prove ownership of works, confirm the authorship of digital content, and get the opportunity to trade “without censorship.”
Now you have the opportunity to own digital art just like bitcoin!
For art (digital art), of course, such an opportunity is vital.
Blockchain increases the speed, transparency, and sales of art around the world and, most importantly, democratizes the sector so that all of us, artists, collectors, and spectators, can benefit from its wealth.
The idea is to give more control over your work: to give you the opportunity to monetize your digital property!

What does this mean for you?

The ability to monetize your work and develop new interaction with the audience is an artistic movement of art and cryptography, which the industry is striving for. ✨ Art+Crypto ✨ — these are the ways that an artist can attract his audience!
There is no doubt that the potential allows ✨ get more creative freedom ✨ allowing the artist to keep any independence in his creation and to free himself from intermediaries (galleries, institutions and others).
A good idea is just the beginning! Test with a product with a small group of users, get feedback and repeat.

A goal: Joint Cooperation

Together will explore how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies affect artists and their interaction with the audience. In particular, the emphasis is on whether Bitcoin will be able to free artists from the traditional art market, that is, the “client-artist” interaction within the traditional banking system.
I a fan of art with a predilection for tech, and are convinced that crypto vision is important and necessary!

Take note!

Goal on this article is not only “Joint Cooperation”, but also tries to make people more aware of this growing technology innovation.
Artist should aim to own the technology before it owns them!
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