Be a tech teacher, discover new planets! by@VikyAle

Be a tech teacher, discover new planets!

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It’s a planet

Lizbeth is a software developer, her days are spent around her work, home and English classes (Lizbeth’s Planet), but one day she looks at a publication on Facebook about an important technological event in the city, the organizers of this event want to find exhibitors to teach some technology topics. She wants to participate, she thinks it’s great to share with other developers like her, but she has a problem, she’s afraid to speak in public, even if she can not answer the questions they give her at the end of her talk, it could be the first and last time she teaches others .

First of all, teaching is the best way to learn. I remember my first days participating as an exhibitor at technology events in Lima, I was nervous and a little embarrassed, but little by little I took confidence and confidence. Now I want to share and give you some ideas to start with fireworks your first participation as an exhibitor in a technology event and you can share what you are passionate about.

An incredible start:


Your audience arrives at the auditorium / classroom with an expectation, everyone expects to learn something today. In technology events are the talks and workshops, in both cases I recommend you start asking questions to break the ice, does any come from far from the city? Is it your first time at an event? How many are not technological careers? , are some examples. Surely you will have a different focus from your audience, but it will help you to have more confidence during the following minutes about which people you are heading to.

I used to tell you how difficult it was for me to get to the venue of the event, but that everything was planned to get to know everyone and that I could share the super mega news and / or some surprising announcement.

Say the rules:


If you prefer, in a slide, mentioning that the questions will be asked at the end of the presentation can help you not to interrupt your inspiration while explaining a topic. Once you’ve had a lot of curiosity while they explain something to you and you raised your hand, and it’s great if the speaker allows it. In some cases, you will have a short time to explain a topic, so the time of the questions and curiosities of your participants will be better addressed and understood after your talk.

A drawing is worth a thousand words :


We want to explain lines of code, but maybe the screen or the projector will not be so clear to your audience, especially for those who are not technological careers but want to hear it because you inspire them. Graph the context, what things and who you would help applying that technology, programming language, tool, etc. You are going to give a special purpose to the subject of exhibition, in addition you will leave the curiosity to investigate more on the subject.

Keep in touch with your audience:


That the 30 or 45 minutes of your first talk, or the following, are memorable. Leave your slides already shared and the link to be reviewed later. Also, your most active social networks are your first students, of those minutes you and they have learned a lot, and most likely want to follow your content and your lessons.

Finally, after each talk, it is a great joy to hear that “thank you”, because being a teacher at a school or university may take time for papers or documents, but have the opportunity to teach a group of people at an event Free, with the same thirst for knowledge that you are, is simply amazing, it makes you happy the day.

Ready to meet new planets? I invite you to join the technology communities of your city, and enjoy and learn a lot from others :)



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